Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta on the salary increase to Ministers and MPs.

The Communist Party of Malta strongly believes that the increase in salaries announced to Ministers and Members of Parliament is offensive to all working people. Many families are experiencing a reduction in their standard of living and poor working conditions.

"The fact that several categories of workers are being forced to bear the burden of the economic crisis and unjust energy tariffs is massively out of tune with the increase announced, of 600 euros per month to all Ministers and members of Parliament’s. When in the last fiscal budget, the cost of living increase for all workers and pensioners was only of 1.16euro per week."

The Communist Party of Malta reminds the Government to be sensitive about all those employees working on minimum wage, part-time and short term contracts who are experiencing inferior working conditions, low wage and sometimes even redundancy.

"The increase announced by the government is an insult for the working class and their families. Recent European statistics show that 59,000 people (14.6%) in Maltaare at risk of poverty."

The Communist Party of Malta believes that it is not ethical that the people’s representative should accept such an increase, when the rest of the workers are being made to carry the burden of the crises..

We appeal to all Trade Unions, political parties, civil society, students and workers to make their voices heard against this ‘shameless’ measure.

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