Monday, February 11, 2019

Malta supporting the US attempt at a Coup in Venezuela

Press Release

It is really shameful that the Maltese Government has joined forces with other EU Governments who are backing the Trump administration in its’ efforts to overthrow the legitimate Government of Venezuela and install a dictator against the will of the majority of the people of Venezuela.
Nicholas Maduro was elected by 67.8% of the votes cast, in an election were 6 other opposition parties participated, and two opposition parties boycotted this election held last May. The Economic situation in Venezuela is the direct result of US and EU sanctions and of the confiscation of Venezuela’s money by the US and European Banks. The Bank of England alone confiscated 2.1 Billion Sterling in gold.
Foreign observers including those coming from the United States stated afterward that the elections were fair, even the other Six opposition Parties that had participated, none of them protested against the results obtained. The call by the EU for fresh elections is not justified. This call exposes the EU for what it really is, another imperialist organization.

This attitude taken by the Maltese Government puts the Prime Minister is a contradictory position. One one hand the Prime Minister had supported the leader of opposition Adrian Delia because he was democratically elected, and the other his is supporting Juan Guaido proclaimed himself interim president without actually being elected. In other words, both the EU and the Maltese Government are supporting a dictator, and coup d’etat in Venezuela as the United Nations recognize Nicholas Maduro and his Government as the legitimate President and Government of Venezuela.