Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates AKEL of Cyprus

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Workers’ Progressive Party of Cyprus, AKEL for managing to obtain good results in the local elections held on December 18th, in spite of many difficulties.

In coalition with other progressive parties, AKEL had 18 mayors elected, 8 of which are AKEL party members.
AKEL’s Secretary General Andros Kyprianou said in a statement that, “it was a rewarding result in the face of the war being waged by the opposition parties to isolate AKEL and despite the problems that Cyprus is facing”.

The Party not only kept its position but also increased the percentage of votes over that achieved in the last General Elections. Compared to the last local elections held in 2006, AKEL increased its seats by five.

The Communist Party of Malta sent a fraternal message congratulating AKEL for the positive results achieved.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta comments on Russia and Korea.

The Communist Party congratulates the Russian Communist Party on the result obtained in the last parliamentary elections, where the Party managed to obtain 20% of the popular vote, which translated into 92 seats (12.5 million votes). Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of Russia has again managed to increase its support and has become the second largest party in the country, while the other Left party, The Just Russia Party, has achieved 8.6%, which translates into 64 seats.

“Both parties are collaborating together in the cause of the working people, and to combat the poverty problem in Russia. Poverty has increased due to neo-liberal policies that were adopted by the United Russia Party led by Vladimir Putin.

The Communist Party also expressed its solidarity with the Korean People on the loss of Kim Jong Il, the Korean leader. The Party calls upon the U.S. Administration to change its policy of embargo against the Korean people. This embargo has caused major difficulties which resulted in food shortage and lack of medicines.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that the US should treat DPRK as it treats Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Etophia, Turkey, Honduras, Haiti and Qatar. Sovreignity of the Korean peninsula should be safeguarded, so that the two people move towards the re-unification of Korea.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta appeals workers at Air Malta to contest the next coming general elections.

The Communist Party of Malta has once again expressed solidarity with Air Malta employees who are facing an uncertain future with regards their employment with the company. Bad planning and the easy access for low-cost airlines brought about difficulties for Air Malta to compete with low cost airlines. Low cost airlines are massively subsidised and the sector is not unionised.

“The Party appeals the workers at Air Malta, to organise themselves politically, and proceed to nominate a candidate/s, to contest independently the next coming general elections with the specific aim is to push forward their interest and to safeguard their jobs. The Communist Party will surely support this candidate”.

“The political parties in Malta do not really represent the interest of the working people. The restructuring process is nothing more but a neo liberal concept to privatise all national airlines across Europe in the coming future”.

We believe that all transport workers should ‘unite’ in solidarity amongst each other on industrial level and, also organise themselves on a political level”.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Communists condemn Parliament’s position in favour of Partnership for Peace.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the Maltese Parliament vis a vis Partnership for Peace (PfP), where today there seems to be a consensus between the Government and the Opposition to allow Malta to continue to partecipate in the PfP. Initially, this decision was taken by the Nationalist Administration behind the people’s back.

“The Party sees this as a flagrant violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Malta. As a neutral country, Malta must keep away from military blocs. The PfP forms part of a NATO programme and it works independently from the U.N Peace keeping operations. NATO uses PfP to safeguard its imperialistic strategy”.

“The government of Cyprus, which has a military base imposed on it, refuses to join Partnership for Peace. We believe that this should be an example for Malta which boost that it embraces a policy of neutrality”.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Communist Party appeals the Government to respect the right to strike.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude taken by the Maltese Government, when once again the Government has shown its anti-democratic credentials, when without any warning, and without informing anyone, the Government amended the Industrial law hindering transport workers from their right to strike. The right to strike is protected by the International Labour Organization (ILO) statute.

“This ploy was not a surprise to us, because the Nationalist Party embraces the same values ​​of the European Union, neo liberalism. Where referenda, general elections, and the right to strike, are seen as a direct threat to the hegemony of the European financial Institutions”.

“The recent event that took place in Greece and Italy, where leadership of the country was entrusted to non-elected technocrats is a case in point. While the actions being taken by the Government in Malta, particularly in the public transport sector, is a continuation of this neo liberal agenda”.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Director of Employment and Industrial Relations to take this issue with urgency and find an appropriate remedy so that the right to strike by all workers is protected. The right to information and also the right to open consultation should not be undermined. The Government should respect the democratic process, and withdraw the amendments made to the Act on Employment and Industrial Relations.

“The Party appeals to the Trade Unions to unite and work together on this important matter. The Communist Party will also do its part by taking this issue to the European Parliament with the help of our comrades in the United Left Block”.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Spanish United Left Block electoral success.

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the United Left Block , which include the Communists, The 'Indigniatos’ Movement and the Left Socialists for the success in electoral results obtained in Spain.

“The United Left Block has increased its rapresentation from 2 to 11 deputies in Parliament, and has gained more support, where from 3.77% (970,000 votes), has now obtained 6.95% (1,600,000 votes)”.

The Communist Party notes that whenever social democratic parties adopt right wing social and economic policies, they lose the popular support. The Party believes that the future for the Spanish people will be tougher. The right wing People's Party which now has an absolute majority will push forward a more neoliberal agenda, and will take measures in favour of banks and against the people.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity with the Spanish working class and the progressive movements that are offering strong resistance to protect the the interests of the working people.

“The Party hopes that in this scenario, there will be no anti-democratic actions as those taken recently by the EU and the Financial Institutions in Greece and Italy”, stated the Communist Party.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“European Institutions threaten Democracy”, Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the anti-democratic actions that are being committed against the people of Greece and Italy. The European Union and the capitalist financial institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank are imposing technocrats as leaders of interim goverments, without consulting the people through elections. The Party believes that these countries should go to the polls. Indeed the Communist Party of Malta is supporting the European left block in its call for elections.

“The working class has every right to oppose austerity measures and have every right to elect parties who they believe that they will protect their interests. The current situation in Greece and Italy is dangerous. Anti-democratic tactics were also applied in the case of the European Treaty to come into force. The European Treaty is a neo liberal concept.”
“The Communist Party of Malta sees this capitalist interference in both countries as a threat to sovereignty, and could be a step towards fascism. We are concerned that fascism will be imposed if the working class succeeds in putting a stop to the austerity measures”.
The Party expresses its solidarity with the working people in Greece and Italy and is giving its full support to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Italian Communists, in their struggle to protect the working class from the capitalist onslaught and for democratic participation and representation.
The Party is also concerned that the anti-democratic tactics, will be applied in similar situations in the future. Capitalists are feeling threatened by democratic measures. The are scared of losing their hegemony. The party appeals to the Maltese MEPs to be on the alert, as there is a possibility thatEurope will find itself in the same situation, as in the 1930s, which lead to an era of fascism.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


“Budget 2012 should give importance to working conditions, the standard of living and strengthening of social services", said the Communist Party.

“The government should stop supporting economic policy based on precarious work. The State is there to protect the right for a decent work. The Party urges the government to include this aspect in the budget”.

“With regards the standard of living, the Communist Party believes that the greatest negative impact on households are the result of the increase in energy prices, including that of electricity, water and gas, three resources that are essential in every day life. The Government should seek to safeguard the basic consumption, while penalising wasteful practices”.

“In the financial area, the Government must work for a sustainable financial situation, but not at the expense of public services and social benefits. Without social services and benefits people at risk of poverty could reach 144,000, according to official statistics”, said the Communist Party.

The Communist Party therefore demands that the government should target areas that are generating big profits, such as the financial sector, on line gaming, and banks to increase its revenue while renouncing any policy of privatization in the health, education and pensions sectors.

“Social housing: Government should reform the system by investing in social accommodation to be offered to the public for renting at reasonable rates. This must also include a progressive policy regarding empty property, which must be utilised for the benefit of the country and the people”.

The Party insists on an increase in the national minimum wage and pension so that workers and those who retired after life long work enjoy a decent life.

“Immigrants should be safeguarded from exploitation and slave labour conditions”, concluded the Communist Party.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Someone should answer for the Public Transport fiasco"

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity towards all those people that had to face difficulties in order to make use of public transport, due to lack of proper public consultation, haste and arrogance. Many were late for work while others were forced to absent themselves from work. This resulted in everyone having to wake up earlier in order to arrive at work on time.

The Party sympathises with all those people that whenever they tried to express their concerns regard the service, many were ridiculed and told that they did not understand how the service works.

"The Party therefore believes that there is no credible excuse for this fiasco. We expect that someone should bear the responsibility for all this. We also expect that the money paid for the planning of the routes, should be returned back to the state, so that the Government could use that money on social services.

"The Party also expresses solidarity with those workers who were made ‘sacrificial lambs’.”

Members from the Communist Party of Malta will join tomorrow’s protest for a just and efficient public transport. We appeal the general public to join and support these courageous youths, who are organizing this protest.

Victor Degiovanni

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its concern on the newly appointed U. S, Ambassador.

“The visit to Malta, by the US Secretary Hilary Clinton en route to Libya and the appointment of Gina Abercombie Winstanley as the new US Ambassador in Malta is of great concern, if the visit was really one of courtesy”, stated the Communist Party.

“The fact that Ms Gina Abercombie Winstanley, served as Deputy Coordinator for foreign policy and programs against terrorism, is of alarm. Indeed one wonders, what role Malta is playing in this regard and why there was the need to erect a new Embassy at Ta 'Qali?”.

“The approval to Malta by U.S. Government , the sum of $ 4.675million to built a capacity partnership between the two nations, with the premise that it serves to counter terrorism, is a direct violation of Malta’s Neutrality”.

The Communist Party of Malta argues that the American concept of ‘anti-terrorism’ is actually not one that confronts terrorism, but is just an excuse to achieve it’s imperialistic goals. Throughout history and even presently, U.S. policy has always embraced and helped to strengthen regimes, paramilitary governments, and as well terrorist groups, so to safeguard its interests, at the expense of all those innocent people killed.

The Communist Party of Malta therefore calls on the leftist and progressive groups to take a position against this imperialist strategy in Malta.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the ‘neo liberal’ proposals for pension reform.

The Communist Party of Malta notes the proposals put forward during a recent ‘Business breakfast’ organised by the Malta Institute of Management, where it was suggested that the age of obligatory retirement would end, and that part of the pension system should be privatised. These proposals are of grave concern.

“Subtile maneuvers are being made to increase support for the introduction of the second pillar scheme, where the ultimate aim is that the pension system will gradually be privatised.”

The Communist Party of Malta understands that there is also a threat at European level, to link retirement to longetivity. This is a form of ‘modern slavery’ where the person is forced to continue working till his health conditions deteriorates. Medical research shows that although most people live longer, does not mean that the person will remain healthy and capable. The Communist Party stands firm against any increase in the retirement age.

The Party therefore calls on the ‘pensions working group’ to adopt policies that enhance the basic state pension, so that any social contributions go directly into a special fund dedicated only for pensions, as was also suggested by the pension working group, with the difference that it should be administered by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), which includes unions and employers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta expresses solidarity with Matthew Bonanno.

The Communist Party condemns the "Allied Newspaper Ltd" for the termination of employment of Matthew Bonanno, a journalist employed with The Times. The Party urges Mr. Bonanno to seek redress before the industrial tribunal.

"According to what Mr Bonanno stated in the local media, where he explained about his Facebook comments with regards the Minister’s Austin Gatt university visit, the Party sees this as an unjust dismissal. We were surprised how a paper that preaches freedom of expression, takes such a disciplinary action.”

The Communist Party of Malta sees no justification for this journalist dismissal. The Party expresses solidarity with this worker.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the massacres of civilians in Sirte.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns NATO merciless bombing of civilians in Sirte. The Maltese Government should take a clear position on this issue. We can’t ignore reality and not condemn NATO for what is taking place in Sirte. Malta ’s position up to now has been supporting NATO. This position is undermining Malta ’s Neutral Status and is putting Malta in an ambiguous position.

“Reports coming from the war zone are stating that the allied forces are bombarding schools, hospitals and private houses, with the tragic consequence of great loss of life, which includes women and children. People in Sirte are also suffering from severe shortages of food, water and medicine supplies”.

“While we support the efforts made by the Maltese Government to give medical and humanitarian aid to Libyans, we cannot remain silent at these atrocities. NATO actions in Sirte, goes directly contrary to the UN resolution of a No fly Zone”.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the left wing victory in France's Senate.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the results in the French Senate Elections where for the first time in the 53-year history of the Fifth Republic, the left political forces won by a majority of seats.
“The Communist Party of France obtained good results along with the anti-capitalist party and other left wing factions, which gained at least 26 seats. The Communists alone gained a new seat from the previous elections, and now has a total of 15 seats. The French Socialist party won 141 seats and the Greens obtained 10 seats”.
“This results shows that communist parties in Europe are gaining more support. Communists in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Latvia, Germany, Denmark and Czech Republic are all represented in their National Parliaments and also in the European Parliament”.
The Communist Party of Malta augurs for more positive results for the Communists and other progressive forces for an alternative Europe based on environmental sustainability and more social justice.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude with regards the setting up of a Palestinian State

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude against the setting up of a Palestinian State, while finding no difficulty in helping Libyan Rebels and recognizing their Transitional Council. US is doing everything to prevent the recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN General Assembly even by vetoing against the resolution. This action, once again, brings into the open, the double standards and imperialistic interests in the Palestinian Question.

“We condemn the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is playing a 'dirty game', which serves only the interest of US imperialism, by preventing the vote on the Palestinian resolution from being taken”.

“Unless this resolution is not resolved, and if the State of Palestine will not be recognized, other issues dealing with the question of security, water, lack of food, medicine, and the Palestinian refugees issue will not be resolved”.

The Communist Party also condemns the state of Israel, for the hundreds of Palestinians that are held in Israeli prisons, amongst them many adolescents. The Israeli Government has up to now, illegally occupied, Palestinian territories.

“Malta started supporting the Palestinian Cause under the premiership of Dom Mintoff, back in the early 1970’s. This support was continued by Dr Guido Demarco both when he held the presidency of the UN General Assembly and later on when he held the post of Foreign Minister in Malta. We demand that the present administration follows in these steps.

The Communist Party calls on the Maltese Government and Dr Tonio Borg, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to vote for the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN General Assembly. The Communist Party also salutes Moviment Graffiti for their activism and their consistency in favour of the Palestinian Cause.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Communist Party on Moody's report.

Moody's agency whose only aim is to protect the interests of the capital market is again putting pressure on the Government to reduce State expenditure. One of the solutions proposed is to reduce public spending on social benefits and to freeze wages. The agency is nothing more than a corporation to protect the capitalist’s interest.

The Communist Party of Malta states that Moody's warning is one that conceals the reality that the capitalist economic system has failed to meet the needs and social expectations of the people. Some Maltese Economists who are of the same opinion as Moody's are suggesting to the Government to review Malta’s social services expenditure and to increase the retirement age.

The Communist Party sees these warnings as a step towards the introduction of further austerity measures on the people, who are not to blame for the failure of the economic system. The fact that Malta's national debt is not a sustainable anymore means that the wealth generated is not equally distributed.

The Party calls for a fairer tax system where income taxation should be increased on those who earn more than the average income. The same applies for the financial and banking sectors, online gaming and those agencies that sell property to foreigners.

”Empty properties for speculation purposes should be also be taxed. The Government should also take further measures to combat tax evasion, where GRTU claims that this tax evasion by speculators amounted to 300 million Euros”.

The Party believes that in light of the present situation as announced by agency Moody’s, the Government should withdraw the increase in the Cabinet’s Honorary. The Government should also review and reduce salaries of Consultants, CEOs and Chairmen of Corporations. We are stating this in solidarity with those workers who are on a minimum wage, whose income is relatively poor.

"The working class should not accept further cuts in social benefits and increase in the retirement age”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Malta’s National Energy Plan should be socially just”, Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta states that the figures issued by NSO on energy consumption in Malta, is a signal to the Government to implement a national energy plan which is socially just.

“The National policy should safeguard the basic consumption of ‘household’ energy. The Party calls on the Government to encourage the private sector to invest more in renewable energy, so the industry will be more sustainable in the future without any state subsidies. By these measures the Government can assist more families in their basic energy needs. The families should not carry the burden of energy subsidies to the private sector.”

“Thirty-five percent of Malta’s energy consumption is being used in households. This gives a clear picture that this energy is still an essential commodity in the families’ daily life. This also shows that many families are already making great sacrifices to reduce energy consumption and this, in affect is reducing their quality of life. 98% of Maltese households are already making use of energy saving lamps, while 78% of Maltese households are switching off their water heaters when not needed.”

“With regards the use of gas, the Communist Party notes that 72% of Maltese households are making use of this basic commodity, which is essential in their daily life, therefore, we call upon the Government to re-introduce subsidies on gas cylinders for domestic use. Cylinders for domestic use should be distinguished from ones used commercially. This could be done by the use of different colours”.

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the government’s incentive scheme for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This system benefits only the well to do, while excluding many others without means. The Party believes that the Government should solely invest in renewable energy, by making use of government buildings and school roofs, for the benefit of all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Communists appeal Government to stop supporting Imperialist Policies.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Maltese Government for turning Malta ’s foreign policy, from one of neutrality into one that supports imperialist countries desire for power and war. These ties were exposed by Wikileaks in the international media.

“This foreign policy, surely does not promote peace and social justice. This also goes against the neutrality clause enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Malta ”, said the Communist Party.

“Documents that have been discovered recently in Libya by humanitarian groups revealed the intrigues that has been going on between the so-called democratic countries of the west, with the Gaddafi regime, where a large number of persons were victims of US renditions,were interrogated and tortured in Libyan Prisons, In return as compensation for this service, the CIA and MI6 were passing information to Qaddafi about the Libyan opposition.

The Communist Party of Malta urges the Government to stop being a stooge of US imperialism. The Government should not allow any foreign military and naval ships to make use of Malta ’s facilities. Our foreign policy should aim for international solidarity, humanitarian aid, sovereignty, and peace. The Communist Party of Malta will continue to work for the preservation of Malta ’s neutrality.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on populism and the bending of History.

The Communist Party of Malta understands the present situation where a sentiment is growing in favour of removing all honours given to Colonel Gaddafi in the past.
We believe that historical events should not be meddled with to simply accommodate populist policies. History must be taken in the context of its era and not subject to on how we look at it today, because then we will end up changing history according to our views.

The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that it does not agree with the proposed changes. But, if there will be pressure to change past policies, where Malta honoured certain political leaders, then it must do the same towards those other politicians who embraced colonial policies such as the ex British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Then his bust should be removed from the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

Winston Churchill’s record was a horrendous one were colonialism was concerned, especially in Africa and India. The former President of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosvelt was critical of Winston Churchill’s colonial policies, where most of these countries suffered massacres in order to be subdued to British occupation.
The colonial policies had the aim to exploit countries in Africa, as well as in Asia, out of their natural resources and to enslave its population.

The Communist Party of Malta therefore appeals to the political class in Malta that before taking any decision to remove the honours given, they should consider historical validity and realise that the honours are now part of history and recorded in history books.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Communist Party of Malta shows Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The Communist Party of Malta is again expressing its solidarity with the Palestinian people, which up to date are still deprived of their homeland which is still illegally occupied against United Nations resolutions approved by the absolute majority of the member states in the General Assembly.

The Party also condemns the Israeli authorities for imprisoning thousands of Palestinians in Israeli jails without trial. The Israeli government continues to carry out ethnic cleansing by approving the construction of settlements on the occupied lands, and is still defying the international community. In this defiance the Zionist regime is comforted by the attitude of some powerful nations who always turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the Zionist regimes.

The Communist Party augurs that the UN will approve the resolution to create the State of Palestine and hope that the Maltese government will have the courage to vote in favour of this resolution.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta takes a more cautious position on the Euphoria in Libya.

The Communist Party of Malta while ideologically always takes a position in favour of the people, on this issue, we appeal for a more cautious approach, about how things will evolve in Libya after Gaddafi, since the transition was not a peaceful one.

“Until today wherever there was a military intervention by NATO, the reverse affect occurred. This can be seen in the cases of Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The only issues that were resolved were the splitting of Kosovo from Serbia, as well as the taking over of Iraq’s natural resources by imperialism”.

The Communist Party of Malta reminds that the regimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, of Idi Amin in Uganda, the Shah of Iran, Taliban in Afghanistan were all created by imperialism, in order to bring down progressive governments. These regimes had to be eventually forcibly removed by the same western powers that had installed them. We augur that there will be no such repetition in Libya as imperialism always looked upon its own interest, far from social justice.

The Communist Party of Malta calls upon the Libyan Interim Government to respect the dignity of all African migrants in Libya, which up to now have never been respected. We also appeal for a secular, just and equal society.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta’s position on Safi events.

The recent events that took place at Hal Safi detention centre give a clear warning to the European Union and the Maltese Government to take a clear position on human rights issues. The European Union has to lead by example, if it wants others to follow.

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the political stand being adopted by several European Governments with regards to the detention policy, when these same countries condemn other governments and regimes on human rights issues. The Party believes that this is nothing more than ‘hypocrisy’.

“Closed detention centres are nothing more than concentration camps. The European Union has to admit that detention policy goes against human rights. This policy is withholding freedom to those persons fleeing from poverty and war.”

On the Libyan issue, the European governments spoke with a sense of solidarity towards the Libyan people, but on the other hand they chose to exclude African nationalities from the whole process of evacuation of foreign people and workers from war torn Libya.

“The European Union should take a clear position on these issues, and not continue to ignore this reality. On the other hand we would like to show solidarity with the members of the armed forces of Malta, the police and other civilian workers who work in these field and have to face the problems that arise.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Communist Party condemns EU double standards on violence in the Arab world.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the double standards being shown by the European Union with regards to violence in the Arab world and the Kurdish problem. This can be seen by the agreement reached between the European Union and the Turkish Authorities to put pressure on Damascus to end violence.
“The Turkish Authorities are responsible for numerous human rights violations against the Kurdish population in South Eastern part of Turkey. During these last 25 years more than three thousand villages were burned by the Turkish army to keep Kurdish region under their control”.
“Turkey is also finding support from other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and the U.S. The aim of this alliance is to pull back the Kurds from their region and to keep the Kurdish people divided, so to hold control over their land, culture and natural resources. The Kurds comprise 20% of the population in Turkey, 15-20% in Iraq, 8% in Syria and 7% in Iran”.
The Communist Party of Malta believes that the EU should hold a clear and just position on the Kurds’ issue. The Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) should be recognized as a legitimate political force and all the land occupied by foreign military powers should return to the Kurdish people. We also appeal for the creation of a self government for the Kurds.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the part privatisation of the pension system.

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the part privatisation of the pension system.

The Communist Party of Malta calls ‘shameful’ the proposal put forward by the Chairman of the Pensions working group. The Chairman is once again appealing to the Government to immediately introduce on a mandatory basis a second pillar system based on a private scheme.

The Party deems this proposal to be the first step towards the privatization of the Pension system in Malta. The same method is being applied in the public healthcare system where essential services are not provided anymore in the community, as in the case of the dental care service. The long waiting lists for an appointment at Mater Dei Hospital are forcing patients to seek care in private clinics.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that it is the responsibility of the state to ensure sustainability of the pension system, firstly by establishing a pension fund. Secondly by increasing women and immigrants participation in the labour market, as this will increase further the social contributions. Enforcement against tax evasion will also be a beneficial to the sustainability of public finances.

“Family- friendly measures should also be encouraged so to address the problem of low women participation rate, while an increase in taxation on the financial and banking sector will help to address the sustainability of the pension fund”.

On a positive note, the Communist Party agrees with the increase in the social contribution by those families whose income is above €17,000 per annum. On the other hand, the Party disagrees with the idea to give away part of the pension scheme to a private insurance. The social contribution to a private insurance will increase more than it is today. International studies show that it will go up to 20%, when today the maximum is 12%.

The Communist Party of Malta, being a party embracing Socialist ideals can never accept the privatization, partly or wholly of the pension system in Malta. The workers should not accept more of the neo liberal policies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta calls the situation in Air Malta as a 'betrayal'.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the comments made by Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi last Sunday, during an interview on a radio program, where he publicly stated that the Nationalist government will not guarantee an alternative employment to those workers who will loose their job as part of Air Malta ’s structural reform. The Party calls this statement as a ‘betrayal’ to Air Malta employees.

The Government is indicating that the workers will be the ones to carry the burden for the financial crisis of Air Malta . The fact that the CEO is being paid €500,000 to carry out a structural reform is offensive to all those workers whose jobs are threatened. This same offence is also targeted at all those workers who are on a minimum wage income in Malta ”.

”Workers must realise that the Party in Government is there to safeguard the capitalist class, and if there is a situation were the working class find itself in an industrial dispute, the government will not take their side. The Communist Party appeals to the workers to seek unity amongst themselves. “Where there is unity there is strength”.

The Communist Party reiterates that it is Government's responsibility to guarantee the right for an alternative employment within the public or state sector. The right for a job has nothing to do with ‘state subsidies’.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the blatant disregard of the Constitution.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Governments’ policy to allow foreign military vessels to make use of our Port, as this goes against the principles of Neutrality, which is entrenched in the constitution.

“The government's excuse that warplanes are allowed to land in Malta because of emergency reason does not hold water with the arrival in Malta of HMS Ocean in our port. The Government have no justification, legally, morally and politically to do so”, stated the Communist Party.

The Party maintains that this policy is endangering National Security, whenever NATO warships and warplanes enter out ports or land at the airport, especially now that the Libyan leader has threatened to retaliate against those countries participating in the war against him.

“Politically, the fact that Malta was used in the evacuation process of people from Libya on a Humanitarian basis was a positive step, but the fact that African nationalities were left stranded in a war torn Libya , makes us question the real reason behind this policy”.

The Party believes that the Government is putting himself in a contradictory position when in one moment it is advocating for human rights and at the same time it is recognizing the Libyan Rebel Council. Various international sources are reporting atrocities committed by the Libyan rebels on people of African nationalities, and also, that the rebel council is not adhering to the Geneva Convention.

“The policy that Malta should embrace should be based on the concept of Neutrality. History teaches us that wars and conflicts are an instrument for power, to protect certain political interest and not for humanitarian reasons. What it is occurring in Libya right now is an evidence of this”.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta appeals Arriva for the right for fair play.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the discharging of 58 Bus drivers from the public transport company Arriva, who refused to work in protest as they did not accept the changes introduced by the company in the last minute. Employees have all the right to stand with what was agreed upon in the contract.

“The Party notes that this is a violation of worker’s rights. In such circumstances the company should have accepted their claim as just. The workers should be treated fairly”.

“It is not healthy the way the Company addressed the situation, by finally employing foreign workers on a short term contract. This is an indication that the same method will be applied by the company on other industrial disputes”.

“The Unions should be aware, that the hiring of foreign workers will bring about inferior conditions of work and will minimize the union bargaining power. The European Trade Union Confederation classifies this as social dumping”.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity with those workers who were discharged from the company without given the right to contest this decision.

The Communist Party also appeals to the company to give workers a more just wage than the one offered. If there is the need the Government should subsidise more the service so all social conditions are met.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta applauds the resistance shown by European workers against the austerity measures.

The Communist Party of Malta fully supports the resistance of the working class in Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain, Italy and Belgium against the imposition of austerity measures by the European Commission, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Central Bank.

The Party once again asserts that "the European Union has lost its social direction. The measures that are being taken by several European leaders to combat the economic crises, is nothing more than the continuation of neo-liberalism, which the European Commission wants to continue to enforce as a pretext to restore the Euro stability".

The Communist Party of Malta states "that the vote taken recently in the European Parliament to introduce a common EU package of austerity is condemnable, as it is based on the dismantlement of collective bargaining, a reduction in wages, deregulation of the labour market, a more rigid tax system on the workers, and the privatization of more public services”.

The perseverance France and Germany, is also condemnable. They are insisting that the granting of a 'bailout' to Greece should be tied to an austerity package which will include a reduction of € 2.2 billion in public sector wages, a reduction of € 5 billion from pension and social security, lower taxes for employers and more taxes on the workers and the massive sales of state assets amounting to € 50 billion.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the struggle of the Greek Communist Party and other communist parties in their respective European countries in their fight against the austerity measures. The Party believes that a Social Europe cannot be built on a neo liberal foundation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Government's policy towards the Selmun Palace workers.

The Communist Party of Malta gives its full support to Selmun Palace Hotel workers and their families, who again have protested to protect their jobs.

“The Party states, that while these workers in two days time, will end up registering for work, the present Nationalist Administration had voted in favour of an increase of €500 per week in the ministers honorarium over and above their salary”.

“The Government continues to burden the families with more austerity measures, by laying off workers, increasing the energy tariffs, and more privatisation of public services. These are the same neo liberal policies adopted by the European Union

“The Government’s policy is not in the interests of the working class, but one that safeguards the privileges of the few. It is scandalous that the new CEO of Air Malta, appointed by the Government is given a payment half a million euro, to introduce tough measures and reforms that will affect negatively Air Malta and Selmun Palace employees, with some of these workers also facing redundancy”.

We appeal Government to employ workers in the public sector or in other public entities.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Emigration: The Communist Party calls Italy ’s agreement with Libyan Rebel Council “shameful”.

The Communist Party of Malta described the agreement reached ​​by the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, with the Rebel Council in Libya to curtail the flow of emigrants to Europe as ‘shameful’.

“This is a similar agreement that was reached by the Italian Government with Muammar Gaddafi, where most of the immigrants were denied of their right to seek asylum”.

"This agreement is ‘shame’, as reports are claiming that people of different African nationalities are being persecuted, killed and abused by some of these armed rebel groups in Libya who are participating in the civil war against the forces of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals the Maltese Government to take a clear position against this agreement. We condemn the Italian Government in failing to respect the right of asylum.

“We also condemn the policy that was adopted by the Maltese Government and other European countries by excluding African nationalities from the whole process of evacuation of foreign people and workers from war torn Libya. We consider this as an act of hypocrisy”.

“Selmun Palace Workers should not be used as scapegoats’”.

The Communist Party of Malta suspects there are ulterior motives behind the case of the Semun Palace Hotel workers.
We are convinced that the Selmun Palace workers are being used as scapegoats to put psychological pressure on Air Malta employees, so that they will be forced to accept any kind of reform”.

“If so, these tactics does not augur well for an Industrial Democracy. Selmun Palace workers should be given outrightly an alternative employment and treated the same as the other Air Malta employees.”

“The Communist Party of Malta reiterates that the blame for the failure of Air Malta and its subsidiary companies should not be placed on the workers, but should be carried by all those who, because of their decisions, landed Air Malta in this crises.”

“The purchase of RJ 70s, the disastrous investment in Greece, the privatization of MIA and the introduction of low cost airlines were all decisions that ultimately led to Air Malta’s failure.”

“The issue of low cost airlines should be addressed by the Government with haste. The fact that, these airlines are competing directly with our national airline, are subsidized, and employ workers with inferior conditions of work, put the national airline in an unfair disadvantage. The International Transport Workers' Federation condemns this as social dumping"

Government should not heed Barroso’s proposals.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude taken by the European Commission on calling upon the Maltese Government to implement reforms on the cost of living adjustments and the state pension system.

“These proposals for reform are nothing more than the dismantlement of the welfare state system in Malta . These same neo liberal proposals and others are being imposed on Governments across Europe in an attempt to solve the capitalist crisis”.

“The European Strategy 2020 and the “Euro Plus Pact” are intended solely to dismantle the present conditions of the workers, with the pretext of more competitiveness and stability of the Euro.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the stand taken by various Unions and left political parties in the European Union against these unjust austerity measures directed at the workers, when these economic crisis was not of their own making.

“The Government should introduce reforms to improve COLA to be more realistic, increase the minimum wage and sustain the state pension system and not privatise it”.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns Nationalist MPs behaviour.

The Communist Party of Malta deems the vote in Parliament against the motion tabled by the Labour Party, as a selfish vote that safeguards only the interest of the few.

"It is unfair that the people are asked to make sacrifices, while politicians take an increase in their salaries. There is no justification for this whatsoever. "

"To have politicians in society who look at politics as a sense of financial power and status is not the way politics should be. The Communist party of Malta aim, is to safeguard the interest of the working people and their families.

At the same time the Communist Party of Malta unites in solidarity with the 58 workers who were redundant from Selmun Palace Hotel, a subsidiary of Airmalta. We call on the Government to comply with labour rights and give alternative employment to these workers, in the public sector. "

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the killing of Palestinian Activists.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the killing of 11 Palestinian Peace Activists by the Israeli Army on the Golan Heights near the Syrian border, Sunday 5th June during a peaceful demonstration.

“The fact that, everyday the Palestinian people are being persecuted and assailed by Israeli military forces, is nothing more than State terrorism.”

“It is shameful how the European Union and other organizations, such as United Nations remain silent on this, while the Palestinian people are being denied their rights.
The silence of the United States and the European Union when crimes are committed by the Israeli regime against innocent civilians speaks louder then words or action”.

The Communist Party of Malta joins forces with other Communists and
worker’s parties from the United Left Group of the European Parliament who support the setting up of a Palestinian sovereign State.

"We appeal to the Maltese Government to have a clear policy towards the Palestinian cause. Government should condemn without hesitation these cold blooded killings of these Palestinian activists.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Members of Parliaments’ attitude towards the Referendum result.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude of some of the members of parliament who are stating that their decision is either to vote no or abstain in the forthcoming legislation on divorce.

"The Party considers this decision as going directly against the will of the majority, which was expressed in the recently held referendum. The divorce legislation should be passed in Parliament without a division now that the electorate had expressed itself on this matter. Parliamentarians should not obstruct this”.

The Communist Party does not understand the argument brought forward by these same parliamentarians that the ‘vote yes’ in parliament goes against their conscience. Malta, today is a modern country and member of the European Union, therefore a complete separation should exist between the church and the state.

"The Members of Parliament duty is to serve these exigencies and not moralise about this legislation. Parliament is not a confessional place but an institute were laws are legislated".

One should mention here that in the case of the African migrants, none of these Parliamentarians, who are talking about conscience today, brought forward this argument when these migrants suffered the injustice of being left in war torn Libya, when other nationalities were being evacuated to Malta. The Communist party asks “Were not these civilians as well?”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to all the MPs to respect the electorate decision and not to abdicate from their duty.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta congratulates the Maltese people for it’s victory.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the position taken by the majority of the Maltese people who expressed themselves in favour of Divorce.

“The Catholic Oligarchy, which for centuries had a hegemony over the Maltese people, have today suffered a defeat. The people have confirmed that they want to secular the country and separate the State from the Church.”

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the Nationalist Party had also suffered a defeat because of it’s conservative policies, which are not in the interest of the Maltese family.

“The reality shows that the anti-social policies, of the Gonzi Administration are the real causes for the breaking up of marriages and not the attainment of the right to divorce”.

The Communist Party believes that it was the duty of the political class to legislate in favour of this right and not hide behind a referendum. On the other hand the Maltese people showed themselves to be mature, by not falling into the trap that the Maltese political class had laid down for them, and voted in favour.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on the right to divorce.

The Communist Party of Malta reiterates its position that the right to divorce should be introduced by the State, whatever the outcome of the referendum will be. This will do away, once and for all, with the discriminatory situation that exists in Malta, where those who can afford to, can obtain a divorce from another country.

The Party deplores the undemocratic maneuvers and the moral threats that the Ecclesiastical Authorities are using against the electorate. The campaign against divorce is resuscitating the bad memories of the 1960s, where those faithful that wanted the state to introduce civil marriage, were humiliated by the Church Authorities, threatened with ‘hellfire’, and denied from receiving the sacraments.

"The religious political struggle is once again with us, in an open attempt to stop a civil right from being introduced. The right to divorce exists in every other European Union country”.

“The Nationalist Party is at fault here as the party is not recognising that there should be a complete separation between the Church and the State. This clearly shows that the Nationalist Party needs to modernise itself”.

The Communist Party of Malta re asserts its sympathy with those who have a broken marriage and are seeking a solution to form another family.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Communist Party of Malta participates in the 20th Communist Seminar

The Communist Party of Malta participated in the 20th Internatioinal Communist Seminar held in Brussels between the 12th and 15th May Victor Degiovanni delivered this speech.

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades,

Firstly, I must thank the National Council of the Workers Party of Belgium, for organizing this Twentieth International Communist Seminar and giving all parties participating here a platform to express our opinion on the subject being discussed this year

Communist Parties, forged by the revolutionary experience of the working class, under the banner of Marxism Leninism, strengthened by the science of dialectical materialism; understand the need for the unity of the Communist movement, and of all other progressive forces in society to defeat once and for all the capitalist system.

Capitalism which up to now had the ability to survive one crisis after another has now entered, into a long tunnel which has no end. This present economic crises is deep and has left the Capitalist system moribund, The measures that are being taken to save capitalism from it’s eventual demise, offer no solution at all, as the whole structure of capitalist economy is based on a free market where the selling and buying of commodities are the main requisites, for the system to survive.
Austerity measures are being taken in a futile attempt to save the system. These Measures are hitting the working class from every possible angle, redundancies, cuts in wages; jobs on short term contracts, with no basic benefits such as leave or sick leave
Cuts in social spending such d as health care and education are making life more difficult for the working class, making them poorer, thus, in this scenario the workers are consuming less.
Karl Marx had predicted this in his “Communist Manifesto”

Quoting directly from Marx:
“The development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces above all, its own grave diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable”

Imperialism which as Lenin had stated, is capitalism at its’ highest stage, has overstretched itself, over the neo-liberal project of globalization. The triumphalism over the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist community in Eastern Europe manifested itself in these ambitious projects, which led to diverse aggressive wars against Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan and now Libya, while capitalists and bankers were busily constructing the structure of this present economic crisis. The failure of Capitalism, to consolidate upon the victory over socialism in 1989, paved the way for its own downfall

Now let us examine what our role as Communist parties should be, in this precise moment in time, when all that we have strived for, seems to be within our reach.
What is mostly necessary here is the need for unity within our movement. This goal must be our prime target.
If we take a good look at the Communist movement, in all the countries, especially those in Europe, we find two, or three separate Communist parties, in each respective country. Progress towards unity is being attained, as parties unite into one block during parliamentary election, but more still needs to be done. Let us remain separate but let us combine our struggles, this way we will be more effective.

We must also unite with the all progressive forces in order to defeat the capitalist system and its imperialistic mechanisations.
Capitalism was, and is still effective, because of the hegemony; it has on the population of the advanced western countries. In order to bring its fall once and for all we must combat to break this control. However this is not an easy task. As we all know that the ruling class have absolute control over the media, and whenever their control is threatened they use harsh methods to regain control. The manner, in which the bourgeoisie use the media today, is no more different then how Goebbels used it in NAZI Germany. Our task is to expose this. We must also show their duplicity, their lies, and their half-truths. We must find a very subtle manner, to accomplish our task.

This is where we have to be more clever then them, and use their tools against them, we must fight back using their own media structure. We have to do this because most of the time our media reaches only the progressives and that is just like preaching to the converted. We want to reach out to the whole of the working people in each and every country, especially those workers, who are misguided and believe the myth of western democracy. We must prove to them the fact that it is only the dictatorship of the capital and nothing else.

Today when austerity measures are being imposed and higher energy prices are being lambasted on the workers, our task has become easier.
In Greece the Communist Party (KKE) is mobilising the Greek workers against the austerity measures being imposed on them by a Social Democratic Administration.
A Similar situation has also arisen in Spain, while in Italy, and in Britain, the same is occurring under right wing administrations.

Workers are being made to bear the brunt of the capitalist crises, which was not of their own doing. Communist Parties everywhere must follow the example of KKE, with the help of progressive Trade Unions fight capitalism globally.
It is of Paramount importance today, that we must be effective.
In the 1930’s a similar situation gave rise to fascism which had to be subdued by a World War with great sacrifices, and great loss of lives.

Long Live Marxism Leninism

Communist Party of Malta participates in a Palestinian Conference in Cyprus

The Communist Party of Malta participated in an international conference organised by AKEL in Nicosia during last February. This address was delivered by Victor Degiovanni

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades

Firstly, please allow me, to thank the Progressive Party of the Working people of Cyprus (AKEL) for inviting the Communist Party of Malta to this fora dealing with “The Palestinian problem and the Solidarity of the Left to the Struggle of the Heroic People of Palestine”

Like all other people deprived of their homeland the Palestinian people had to endure endless hardships, sorrows and pain of seeing loved ones butchered in front of their eyes, the agony of being victims of Zionist aggressions all with the direct aid of US imperialism while the EU looks on silently approves.

UN resolutions when breached, it is a normal practice either for the UN to intervene militarily, or sanctions are used against that respective country that had not adhered to UN resolutions. However the Zionist state of Israel has been breaching all the resolutions put forward by the UN with regards to the Palestinian question. No actions were ever taken by the UN against Israel. This was always with the aid of a U.S. veto.

Israel is allowed to construct the wall of shame when even the International Court of Justice in The Hague advisory committee had declared this to be in breach of international law.
Palestinian Israeli talks are kept intentionally in a deadlock by Zionist policies and agendas that of refusing to give up occupied territories and using this as delay tactic against the setting up of the Palestinian state. Also the continued building of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, which is again contrary to UN resolution, has the explicit intention to deny the setting up of a Palestinian State.

The military aggressions by Israelis against Palestinians like the recent one’s in Gaza has brought about destruction in the region and deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent victims, amongst them women and children in different regions ranging from Lebanon to Gaza. This is genocide, yet we have not seen anybody answering for this crime in the Hague. The Mossad has carried out a policy of assassinations of Palestinian political leaders all over the world one such killing took place in Malta in the early 1990’s. Its not possible to mention all the war crimes perpetrated by the state of Israel, in such a limited space of time.

The present blockade against Gaza by Israel is criminal and goes against all the rules of human rights, yet Israeli commandos attack with impunity, in International waters, the Turkish “Mavi Marmara” which was carrying humanitarian aid to the population in Gaza, killing peace activists, and yet an Israeli court says that these actions were legal under the rules of war

We must unite in our condemnation of the Zionist state of Israel and pressure on our respective governments to act in defending the rights of the Palestinian people.
We must now show more then ever, more than solidarity towards the Palestinian cause

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the international migration policy.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the strategy of the Government of Malta, the European Union, and NATO, as they are playing a political game in the current situation of migration, and are abdicating from their responsibility to save lives of those migrants who are in distress at sea.

The Party believes that we should be more realistic and accept the phenomenon of migration. We should give migrants all assistance and support. The solution is not to evade from responsibility, but to accept that migration is now part of our lives and that the population should accept this fact. We also note that the role of NATO in Libya is of an imperialistic nature and does not give value to human lives.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the European Union countries that are fleeing from their responsibility towards human life, by failing to give assistance to migrants fleeing from Libya. Foreign people who were not African were given all assistance to evacuate from Libya, whilst African nationalities were not given such assistance.

”It is ironic how these EU countries point their fingers at other countries for disrespecting human lives, when such blatant violation is the order of the day by these same countries, in the face of migration. It appears that EU wants to remain passive on this issue, while migrants continue to loose their lives at sea”.

It’s good to remember that the European Union concept of Frontex violated the right for a migrant to seek asylum in another country. We also note that Malta’s position against Frontex was not on humanitarian basis, but on political grounds, which classified migrants as numbers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the agreement between Al Fatah and ─Žamas

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the agreement between Al Fatah and ─Žamas and all other Palestinian factions to end the political division between them, and to have a single voice, united in the struggle for the creation of the Palestinian State. This agreement was reached through the mediation of the Ad interim Government of Egypt.

“We would like to remind, that next September, the Palestinian people will be asking the General Assembly of the United Nations to declare officially the creation of the Palestinian State according to the borders existing in 1967. The Communist Party of Malta expects and urges the Maltese Government to vote in favour of the resolution creating a sovereign, independent Palestine.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the illegal occupation of the Palestinian lands by Israel, declared as an illegal occupation by the United Nations and violates international laws. The Communist Party condemns the violent repression and murders that are constantly committed against the Palestinian people by the Isreali forces.

The Party augurs the Palestinian people in their bid for the recognition of a Palestinian State and reminds them that the Maltese people were always close to their cause and supported them in all international fora. The Party notices and supports the declarations recently passed by the United Nations, the IMF and other international organizations, in recognising that the Palestinian people are able to govern a viable Palestinian State.

On this historic occasion we remember and salute the Palestinian martyrs who suffered and who gave their lives in the noble cause for the creation of a Palestinian state.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges the fact that there will be sectors who do not like to see the end of the divide between the various Palestinian factions. We call on the Palestinian people to challenge them and strengthen unity amongst the Palestinian people.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Diskors tas-Segretarju tal-PKM fl-okkazjoni ta' l-Ewwel ta' Mejju

Dan id-diskors gie moqri min Victor Degiovanni waqt soiree sabiex jimmarka l-ewwel ta' Mejju gewwa l-Kwartiri tal-Partit Komunista Malta nhar il-Hadd l-ewwel ta' Mejju


Illum iltqajna hawnhekk sabiex niccelebraw l-ewwel ta’ Mejju. Il-Jum Internazzjonali id-dedikat lill-Haddiem.

Ic-Cirkustanzi li haddiem sab ruhu fihom illum jixbhu hafna lill dawk ta’ mitt sena ilu, bid-differenza li dak inhar il-haddiem ma kellux drittijiet, u illum, id-drittijiet li klassi tal-haddiema kisbet bi gliediet kbar fil-passat, qehdin jittiehdu wiehed wara l-iehor.
Il-Klassi tal-flus, jigifieri l-klassi kapitalista, llumm sabet ruha fi krizi li ghaliex il-politika Neo-liberali falliet, u sistema kapitalista tinsab moribonda fuq is-sodda tal-mewt.

Qedhin issieru attentati sabiex johrogu min din il-krizi bil-politika falza, u zbaljata fil-kuncetti taghha, billi jiehdu mizuri ta’ awsterita, ‘mponuti fuq il-klassi tan-nies tax-xoghol, mizuri, li qed ifaqqru lill-haddiema u l-familji taghhom. Bir-rata tal-qghad dejjem jghola, bit-tnaqqis tal-livel tal-pagi, Minhabba prezzijiet dejjem jgholow, u bil waqfien tal-beneficcji socjali bhal, sahha u edukazzjoni, li l-familiji sa issa kienu jgawdu minnhom.

Dawn il-mizuri mhumiex sejrin isolvu il-krizi kapitalista, anzi, sejrin ikomplu jgharqu lis-Sistema, ghaliex il-haddiema huma l-mutur ta’ l-ekkonomija kapitalista, jekk dawn ma jinkosmawx, jigifieri ma jixtrux kollox jistagna.

F’dan ix-xenarju il-komipitu tal-Klassi tal-haddiema huwa li jqum u jinaqghad ma shabu il-haddiema tal-Grecja, tal-Portugal, ta’ Spanja, dawk Inglizi u kif ukoll ta’ l-Irlanda, johrogu fit-Toroq jipprotestaw, ghal bidla, ghal-Dinja Socjalista, mibnija fuq ix-xoghol u l-hidma, Minghajr theddid ta’ gwerrer, minghajr imperjalizmu li huwa is-sors tal-gwerrer tal-llumm, inkluz dik li qed issirr gewwa il-Libya llumm.
Nixtieq naghlaq billi nikkundana lin-NATO tal-assasinju ta’ iben il-mexxej Libyan, kif ukoll tat tlett neputijiet zghar tieghu.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Communist Party’s Mayday Message.

On the occasion of Worker’s Day, celebrated internationally, the Communist Party of Malta is conveying this message.

“We recognise that presently the working class has lost much of its rights and is in a critical situation where it is difficult for workers to defend themselves against this right wing neo-liberal onslaught fostered by the Neo-Liberal policies being championed by the European Union”.

“The European Strategy 2020 and the “Euro Plus Pact” are intended solely to dismantle the present conditions of the workers, with the pretext of more competitiveness and stability of the Euro”.

“Workers are experiencing inferior conditions of work, in a massive competitive market, through the introduction of precarious employment with no job security, low wages and reduction in their conditions of work. Some workers are also being denied the right of association with a trade union and the right to collective bargaining.”

“We are also witnessing actions by the workers in various European countries, supported by Communist Parties, namely those from Greece, France, Spain and Portugal, who are demonstrating against the austerity policies imposed upon them by the ruling capitalist class in the European Union.”

“Workers in Malta should be aware of the regressive policies that are being legislated in the European Parliament to dismantle worker’s rights. The workers should take the example of other European countries where workers have taken to the streets and are present standard of living and their conditions of work”.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the working class to become once again a militant force and recognise who is their real class enemy. These enemies militate in political parties that defend the interest of the capitalist class, to the detriment of the workers and their families. This could be seen by the fact that these political parties in Malta are not very eager to address the problem of precarious employment and class struggle.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Central Bank Governor’s neo liberal stance.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns without any reservation the comments made by the Governor of the Malta Central Bank about the economic situation in Malta, where he appealed for cuts in social spending, dismantling of the welfare state and also objected to the granting of the cost of living adjustment.

The Party notes that the Governor failed to propose real social economic solutions, and also failed to criticise the lack of enforcement in tax evasion. The Governor was more interested in pushing forward a neo liberal agenda on the same parameters of the European Union, to introduce cuts in social spending, that we classify as ‘working class rights’.

“The ‘means testing’ concept is a tool for the breaking down of the universality of social welfare, and also to deprive families in need from these rights, as is happening in the case of minimum wage earners and pensioners”.

“Once again, The Communist Party of Malta maintains its position against the introduction of private pension schemes. The State should not abdicate from this social responsibility, as the governor of the Bank is proposing. The same applies to the National Health Service which should not be subjected to any ‘means testing’ and should remain free.”

The Communist Party of Malta sees the Governor in the same light as other right wing politicians who, in order to reduce inflation, advocate the implementation of anti social measures against the working class, who are not to blame for the present capitalist economic crisis.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manwel Dimech

Nhar il-Gimgha 17 ta' April il-Partit Komunista Malti ppartecipa fil-miexja ta' Commemorazzjoni ta' l-gheluq tad-90 Anniversarju mill-Mewt tal-Hassieb riformatur Maltu Manwel Dimech hawn taht qedhin nirriproducu id-diskors commemorattiv li ghamel is-Segretarju tal-PKM Victor Degiovanni

“Manwel Dimech kien l-ewwel persuna f’Malta li hadha kontra l-isfruttament tal-Klassi tal-Haddiema. Huwa kien ukoll il-persuna li ssielet ghal-helsien ta’ Malta mill hakma barranija bl-ghajta tieghu Maltaghal-Maltin. Ohrajn kienu johlmu biss biex jehilsu lill Malta mill hakma Ingliza. L-Ghan Taghhom kien li Malta tkun parti ‘ntegrali mill-Itaja. Manwel Dimech kien bniedem li emancipa lilhu nnfsu mill-kundizzjonijiet li sab ruhu fihom minhabba l-mizerja u l-injoranza li kienu gew mhollija fiha l-massa mhux privilegjata tal-poplu Malti. Kemm mil-hakkiema ‘nglizi kif ukoll min dawk il Maltin ghonja li kull ma kien jintereshom, kienu l-isfruttament u l-profit.

Il-Knisja min-nahha taghha kienet tippriedka l-karita imma kenitx appogatt lill Dimech imma ghamlitlu gwerra ghaliex, mhux ghax ma fehemitx l-ghanijiet ta’ Dimech, imma ghaliex rat fih, ribell li seta jkisser l-ordni socjali ta’ dak inhar. Il-Knisja kellha pozizzjoni privelegjata ghaliex kienet hi l-hakkiema tal-poplu Malti wara l-awtorita Ingliza. Il-Karita li kienet tippriedka l-knisja kienitx bizzejjed sabiex teghrfa lill-popolin mill mizerja li kien jisab fiha, ghaliex li ried li jsirr, kienet, il-gustizzja socjali, li Dimech kien il-hin kollhu jitkellem dwarha. Din il-gustizzja socjali kienet principju Socjalista li ma kienetx ghada tigi ppratikkata, fi zmien Manwel Dimech, la f”Malta u l’anqas fl-Ewropa. Kellha tkun Ir-Rivoluzzjoni Russa, sabiex dan il-kuncett gie ezecertitat fil-prattika, kemm mis-socjalisti li kienu hadu l-poter u kif ukoll mill-klassi kapitalista tal-pajjizi tal-punent, li issa kienu fehmu li jekk ma jghamlux hekk kien sejjer jigrilhom bhal mal-gralhom shabhom il-kapitalisti Russi
Il-Hasra kienet li dan l-avvanz Manwel Dimech ma kellux x-xorti li jarah., principalment minhabba l-fatt li huwa kellhu hafna gheddewa li ‘kkonfoffaw kontrieh u malli faqqet l-Ewwel Gwerra Dinijija huwa sab ruhu eziljat min Malta fuq Degriet tal-Gvernatur Ingliz Henry Leslie Rundle u maqful gewwa l-kamp ta’ koncentrament ta’ Sidi Basr gewwa l-Ixandra fl-Egittu. Dimech wara l-gwerra ma ngiebx lura Malta ghaliex il-klassi gholja u l-Knisja ma rieduhx jerga jigi lura. Huwa miet fl-ezilju, Nhar is-17 ta’ April fl-1921, il-bghod min familtu u min pajjizu Malta li huwa tant habb. Ta min isemmi hawnhekk li dan il-principju tal-gustizzja socjali wasal Malta wara it-Tieni Gwerra Dinjija jigifieri aktar min tletin sena wara l-mewt ta’ Dimech.
Illum insselmu lill dan il-hassieb Malti li ghalkemm l-ghedewwa tieghu irnexilhom li jnahhuh min nofs, Il-pjan viljak taghhom fallilhom ghal-kollox, ghaliex il-hsieb tieghu ghadhu haj. Daq li hsieb ta’ Manwel Dimech baqa ma tkissierx ghaliex dawk li gew warajh xerdu it-taghlim tieghu, li ghadu fostna sa z-zminijiet tal-lum. Manwel Dimech kien ghalliem denju li fetah it-triq ghal-emancipazzjoni tal-klassi tal-haddiema f’Malta.”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

: “Security should be assured in energy production”.

The Communist Party of Malta calls on the Government to take seriously the issue of national security and sovereignty when planning for the production and generation of energy in Malta.

“The political differences with Italy on the migration issue, exposes a weakness Malta could face to maintain its sovereignty in the energy sector. The neo liberal approach to connect Malta with a European grid is a direct threat to our security, as we could be easily blackmailed over energy”.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that to protect the social and security of the energy production in Malta, the State should not abdicate from its responsibilities. Liberalisation leads only to the privatisation of this sector. The privatization of the gas sector has resulted in prices three times higher for the consumer.

The State should provide and guarantee continuous power on a national basis. We also believe that the government’s role should be to invest in other renewable sources of energy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

PKM deplores Ryanair’s comments

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the comments made the representatives of Ryanair and considers this as interference. The Ernst & Young report gives a clear picture that the low cost airlines are direct competitors with our National Air line. This situation is creating an unfair competition, and is a direct threat to the sustainability of Air Malta. The fact that low cost airlines across Europe are being subsidised, gives these companies an unfair advantage in the civil aviation market.

The Communist Party expresses solidarity with all workers at Air Malta who are the victims of past administrative errors which were not of their own making. The Party understands fully the Pilots Unions ‘ALPA’ where they are showing concern over the same report as it lacks detailed information on the wrong measures taken over the years which are affecting workers today. Most of the work that Air Malta employees used to do was outsourced to private companies. This has created a situation where many workers are seen as surplus to the company.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Government's policy which was always in favour of privatisation. This had the effect of workers losing their jobs and others suffering from inferior working conditions. Several public companies that had been privatised are employing new workers on atypical job contracts which results in precarious jobs. A typical example is several workers at GO and Malta Post PLC who are being employed on atypical job contracts and others face the thread of becoming redundant.