Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns Nationalist MPs behaviour.

The Communist Party of Malta deems the vote in Parliament against the motion tabled by the Labour Party, as a selfish vote that safeguards only the interest of the few.

"It is unfair that the people are asked to make sacrifices, while politicians take an increase in their salaries. There is no justification for this whatsoever. "

"To have politicians in society who look at politics as a sense of financial power and status is not the way politics should be. The Communist party of Malta aim, is to safeguard the interest of the working people and their families.

At the same time the Communist Party of Malta unites in solidarity with the 58 workers who were redundant from Selmun Palace Hotel, a subsidiary of Airmalta. We call on the Government to comply with labour rights and give alternative employment to these workers, in the public sector. "

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