Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta deplores Members of Parliaments’ attitude towards the Referendum result.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the attitude of some of the members of parliament who are stating that their decision is either to vote no or abstain in the forthcoming legislation on divorce.

"The Party considers this decision as going directly against the will of the majority, which was expressed in the recently held referendum. The divorce legislation should be passed in Parliament without a division now that the electorate had expressed itself on this matter. Parliamentarians should not obstruct this”.

The Communist Party does not understand the argument brought forward by these same parliamentarians that the ‘vote yes’ in parliament goes against their conscience. Malta, today is a modern country and member of the European Union, therefore a complete separation should exist between the church and the state.

"The Members of Parliament duty is to serve these exigencies and not moralise about this legislation. Parliament is not a confessional place but an institute were laws are legislated".

One should mention here that in the case of the African migrants, none of these Parliamentarians, who are talking about conscience today, brought forward this argument when these migrants suffered the injustice of being left in war torn Libya, when other nationalities were being evacuated to Malta. The Communist party asks “Were not these civilians as well?”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to all the MPs to respect the electorate decision and not to abdicate from their duty.

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