Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the part privatisation of the pension system.

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the part privatisation of the pension system.

The Communist Party of Malta calls ‘shameful’ the proposal put forward by the Chairman of the Pensions working group. The Chairman is once again appealing to the Government to immediately introduce on a mandatory basis a second pillar system based on a private scheme.

The Party deems this proposal to be the first step towards the privatization of the Pension system in Malta. The same method is being applied in the public healthcare system where essential services are not provided anymore in the community, as in the case of the dental care service. The long waiting lists for an appointment at Mater Dei Hospital are forcing patients to seek care in private clinics.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that it is the responsibility of the state to ensure sustainability of the pension system, firstly by establishing a pension fund. Secondly by increasing women and immigrants participation in the labour market, as this will increase further the social contributions. Enforcement against tax evasion will also be a beneficial to the sustainability of public finances.

“Family- friendly measures should also be encouraged so to address the problem of low women participation rate, while an increase in taxation on the financial and banking sector will help to address the sustainability of the pension fund”.

On a positive note, the Communist Party agrees with the increase in the social contribution by those families whose income is above €17,000 per annum. On the other hand, the Party disagrees with the idea to give away part of the pension scheme to a private insurance. The social contribution to a private insurance will increase more than it is today. International studies show that it will go up to 20%, when today the maximum is 12%.

The Communist Party of Malta, being a party embracing Socialist ideals can never accept the privatization, partly or wholly of the pension system in Malta. The workers should not accept more of the neo liberal policies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta calls the situation in Air Malta as a 'betrayal'.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the comments made by Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi last Sunday, during an interview on a radio program, where he publicly stated that the Nationalist government will not guarantee an alternative employment to those workers who will loose their job as part of Air Malta ’s structural reform. The Party calls this statement as a ‘betrayal’ to Air Malta employees.

The Government is indicating that the workers will be the ones to carry the burden for the financial crisis of Air Malta . The fact that the CEO is being paid €500,000 to carry out a structural reform is offensive to all those workers whose jobs are threatened. This same offence is also targeted at all those workers who are on a minimum wage income in Malta ”.

”Workers must realise that the Party in Government is there to safeguard the capitalist class, and if there is a situation were the working class find itself in an industrial dispute, the government will not take their side. The Communist Party appeals to the workers to seek unity amongst themselves. “Where there is unity there is strength”.

The Communist Party reiterates that it is Government's responsibility to guarantee the right for an alternative employment within the public or state sector. The right for a job has nothing to do with ‘state subsidies’.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the blatant disregard of the Constitution.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Governments’ policy to allow foreign military vessels to make use of our Port, as this goes against the principles of Neutrality, which is entrenched in the constitution.

“The government's excuse that warplanes are allowed to land in Malta because of emergency reason does not hold water with the arrival in Malta of HMS Ocean in our port. The Government have no justification, legally, morally and politically to do so”, stated the Communist Party.

The Party maintains that this policy is endangering National Security, whenever NATO warships and warplanes enter out ports or land at the airport, especially now that the Libyan leader has threatened to retaliate against those countries participating in the war against him.

“Politically, the fact that Malta was used in the evacuation process of people from Libya on a Humanitarian basis was a positive step, but the fact that African nationalities were left stranded in a war torn Libya , makes us question the real reason behind this policy”.

The Party believes that the Government is putting himself in a contradictory position when in one moment it is advocating for human rights and at the same time it is recognizing the Libyan Rebel Council. Various international sources are reporting atrocities committed by the Libyan rebels on people of African nationalities, and also, that the rebel council is not adhering to the Geneva Convention.

“The policy that Malta should embrace should be based on the concept of Neutrality. History teaches us that wars and conflicts are an instrument for power, to protect certain political interest and not for humanitarian reasons. What it is occurring in Libya right now is an evidence of this”.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta appeals Arriva for the right for fair play.

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the discharging of 58 Bus drivers from the public transport company Arriva, who refused to work in protest as they did not accept the changes introduced by the company in the last minute. Employees have all the right to stand with what was agreed upon in the contract.

“The Party notes that this is a violation of worker’s rights. In such circumstances the company should have accepted their claim as just. The workers should be treated fairly”.

“It is not healthy the way the Company addressed the situation, by finally employing foreign workers on a short term contract. This is an indication that the same method will be applied by the company on other industrial disputes”.

“The Unions should be aware, that the hiring of foreign workers will bring about inferior conditions of work and will minimize the union bargaining power. The European Trade Union Confederation classifies this as social dumping”.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its solidarity with those workers who were discharged from the company without given the right to contest this decision.

The Communist Party also appeals to the company to give workers a more just wage than the one offered. If there is the need the Government should subsidise more the service so all social conditions are met.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta applauds the resistance shown by European workers against the austerity measures.

The Communist Party of Malta fully supports the resistance of the working class in Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Britain, Italy and Belgium against the imposition of austerity measures by the European Commission, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Central Bank.

The Party once again asserts that "the European Union has lost its social direction. The measures that are being taken by several European leaders to combat the economic crises, is nothing more than the continuation of neo-liberalism, which the European Commission wants to continue to enforce as a pretext to restore the Euro stability".

The Communist Party of Malta states "that the vote taken recently in the European Parliament to introduce a common EU package of austerity is condemnable, as it is based on the dismantlement of collective bargaining, a reduction in wages, deregulation of the labour market, a more rigid tax system on the workers, and the privatization of more public services”.

The perseverance France and Germany, is also condemnable. They are insisting that the granting of a 'bailout' to Greece should be tied to an austerity package which will include a reduction of € 2.2 billion in public sector wages, a reduction of € 5 billion from pension and social security, lower taxes for employers and more taxes on the workers and the massive sales of state assets amounting to € 50 billion.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the struggle of the Greek Communist Party and other communist parties in their respective European countries in their fight against the austerity measures. The Party believes that a Social Europe cannot be built on a neo liberal foundation.