Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the blatant disregard of the Constitution.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Governments’ policy to allow foreign military vessels to make use of our Port, as this goes against the principles of Neutrality, which is entrenched in the constitution.

“The government's excuse that warplanes are allowed to land in Malta because of emergency reason does not hold water with the arrival in Malta of HMS Ocean in our port. The Government have no justification, legally, morally and politically to do so”, stated the Communist Party.

The Party maintains that this policy is endangering National Security, whenever NATO warships and warplanes enter out ports or land at the airport, especially now that the Libyan leader has threatened to retaliate against those countries participating in the war against him.

“Politically, the fact that Malta was used in the evacuation process of people from Libya on a Humanitarian basis was a positive step, but the fact that African nationalities were left stranded in a war torn Libya , makes us question the real reason behind this policy”.

The Party believes that the Government is putting himself in a contradictory position when in one moment it is advocating for human rights and at the same time it is recognizing the Libyan Rebel Council. Various international sources are reporting atrocities committed by the Libyan rebels on people of African nationalities, and also, that the rebel council is not adhering to the Geneva Convention.

“The policy that Malta should embrace should be based on the concept of Neutrality. History teaches us that wars and conflicts are an instrument for power, to protect certain political interest and not for humanitarian reasons. What it is occurring in Libya right now is an evidence of this”.

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