Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Communist Party condemns Valletta Local Council’s position.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the Valletta Local Council for approving the privatisation of a Public Convenience. This public convenience was renovated with public funds.
The Party deems the position taken by the Local Council as anti-social. It is a fact, that this kind of decisions result in obstructing the free access to the public, especially if the person does not have the money to pay. The Local Council failed to provide an alternative solution to these people. 
"We sense that the Local Council has lost its social conscience in the operation of public facilities. It’s good to know if this decision has the public support, when it is clear that no public consultation was ever made in this regard", stated the Communist Party.
The Party calls on the general public to join the petition on line, so to put more pressure on the Council to review its position and give full access to public toilets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Communist Party against the renting of St Philip's Hospital

“The government’s decision, not to put the St Philip's Hospital renting question for a parliamentary vote,  is to be condemned, as the general elections date is near and, it is clear that the government does not enjoy a majority in parliament”.

The Party states that “in questions of national interest, were public funds are concerned, a parliamentary debate and vote is obligatory. The arguments brought about by the Minister of Health not to put this matter to a parliamentary vote are not justifiable”.

The Party stresses, “that government’s decision to rent St Philip's Hospital and at the same time invest public funds for its improvement, is a bad decision”.This case is another instance where the private sector who laments  states' involvement in the economy and wants all the services privatised,  pretends that the state forkes out the tax payer's money to save the private investment when this faces a financial crisis.

The Communist Party is of the opinion that if a decision is taken about the transferring of St Philip's Hospital, this should be purchased so any investment in it will remain public. 

“St Luke's Hospital should also be included in future government’s plans towards public health investments”, concluded the Communist Party. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Venezuela’s Left victory.

The Communist Party of Malta described the Presidential election results in Venezuela as a victory for all the working people in Latin America and the further strengthening of Socialism and Democracy.
“The reaffirmation of Hugo Chavez as President of Venezuela distances the country from the re-emergence of its right wing dictatorial past”.
“The continued popularity of the government has been attributed in part to the implementation of social reforms which provides free health, education and subsidised food to the population, as well initiatives aimed at deepening citizens’ political participation”.
“The opposition candidate, Henriques Capriles comes from a party which had a history of paramilitary fascist squads, where countless of left wing activists, indigenous people and trade unionist were assassinated. Henriques Capriles also supported the 2002 military coup against the democratically elected Hugo Chavez”.
“Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and is a prize that the multinationals and their puppet governments would like to get their hands on. Capriles was their tool, dedicated to the restoration of neo-liberal economic policies, privitisations and the return to elitist rule by the minority Venezuelans of European origin”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Euro-Med 5+5 should support the formation of a Palestinian State.

On the occasion of the Euro-Mediterranean 5+5 meeting, The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the respective delegates, participating in this meeting to support the formation of a Palestinian State.

“It is ironic how much importance is given for the transition of power in Syria,  while the Palestinian people are still being discriminated and deprived of a Palestinian State, despite UN resolutions”.

The Party believes that representatives from the Palestinian Authority should also have been invited as observers in this meeting. The formation of a Palestinian state is of great importance, as it helps to reduce tensions between countries in the Mediterranean region.

“Only through the formation of a Palestinian State, development such as peace and economic progress can be achieved in the North African countries”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Privatisation of Public Carparks is not the solution.

The Communist Party of Malta is against the Government's policy to privatise 34 public carparks.
"The government's decision to privatise the 'Park and Ride' in Floriana was a failure, and had adversely affected workers who work in Valletta, due to the high parking fee. There is also a contradiction in the operation of this service, as the company that operates the service, also runs the public transport".

"Parking in Mater Dei is also a failure because Maltese public are ending paying up twice. Apart from paying to park, the private operator is also being subsidised by the Government to keep price within reasonable limit".
"The solution should be more regulation in the functioning of the present parking system and not privatisation. It makes more sense if carparks are managed by the State". The Communist Party concluded