Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Communist Party applauds Dr Alfred Sant position on PKK

The Communist Party of Malta applauds Labour MEP Dr Alfred Sant for his support in signing the petition organised by a group of members of the European Parliament to remove PKK from terrorist organisations lists. This position should also be taken up by the other Maltese MEPs in the European Parliament.
“The Kurdish people have every right to resists the occupation of their territory which is being occupied by Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria.  The Communists movement in Europe supports the Kurdish and Palestinian cause.

Communists approve the action taken against Social Dumping in Malta

Asian workers at Leisure Clothing

The Communist Party of Malta supports the steps taken by the local authorities with respect to the working conditions that where prevalent in Leisure Clothing Company, which was taken to court and accused with exploiting foreign workers coming from Asia.
The Communist Party of Malta insists that all the international and local companies working in Malta should respect Maltese laws and regulations with regards to the working conditions. The Party maintains that the Government should ensure that no social dumping takes place in Malta.  
The Party is also of the opinion that unions should protest whenever there is a case of social dumping, so to strengthen worker’s rights in all the sectors of the Maltese economy. In a globalised economic system, more militancy is needed by the workers and the unions as to ensure the safeguarding of worker’s rights”.

The Communist Party expresses solidarity with the Senglea residents

Workers Protest as their employment stands threatened by 
bosses in response to residents complaints 

The Communist Party of Malta expressed solidarity with the Senglea residents association which are being intimidated by the Palumbo Shipyards for taking action against the company due to the noise pollution during the night. The residents have every right to live in a safe environment.  The Party also expresses solidarity with the shipyard workers who are threatened by their bosses that they will loose their jobs if court stops night work. 
“The fact that the company is threatening to take legal action against the residents shows that the residents are in the right. If so the company should have co-operated with the police and the local authorities to solve such a problem”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Communists support the increase in the National Minimum Pension.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the initiative taken by the Government to increase the National Minimum basic pension. This policy is in line with the communist party proposal for the reform of the pension system.
“The Communist Party reiterates its positions against the introduction of the second pillar pension as this will mean part-privatization of the pension system in Malta. The Party praises the Government for not opting to introduce the second pillar”. 
“On the other hand the party is concerned with the time period that the full minimum basic pension will mature. The value of the pension than will remain as it is now, in terms of money depreciation. The Party appeals to the Government to find an alternative and just solution for this problem. The pension system should remain under the control of the National Social Security System”.