Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Communist Party of Malta participates in the 20th Communist Seminar

The Communist Party of Malta participated in the 20th Internatioinal Communist Seminar held in Brussels between the 12th and 15th May Victor Degiovanni delivered this speech.

Comrade Chairperson, Comrades,

Firstly, I must thank the National Council of the Workers Party of Belgium, for organizing this Twentieth International Communist Seminar and giving all parties participating here a platform to express our opinion on the subject being discussed this year

Communist Parties, forged by the revolutionary experience of the working class, under the banner of Marxism Leninism, strengthened by the science of dialectical materialism; understand the need for the unity of the Communist movement, and of all other progressive forces in society to defeat once and for all the capitalist system.

Capitalism which up to now had the ability to survive one crisis after another has now entered, into a long tunnel which has no end. This present economic crises is deep and has left the Capitalist system moribund, The measures that are being taken to save capitalism from it’s eventual demise, offer no solution at all, as the whole structure of capitalist economy is based on a free market where the selling and buying of commodities are the main requisites, for the system to survive.
Austerity measures are being taken in a futile attempt to save the system. These Measures are hitting the working class from every possible angle, redundancies, cuts in wages; jobs on short term contracts, with no basic benefits such as leave or sick leave
Cuts in social spending such d as health care and education are making life more difficult for the working class, making them poorer, thus, in this scenario the workers are consuming less.
Karl Marx had predicted this in his “Communist Manifesto”

Quoting directly from Marx:
“The development of Modern Industry, therefore, cuts from under its feet the very foundation on which the bourgeoisie produces and appropriates products What the bourgeoisie, therefore, produces above all, its own grave diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable”

Imperialism which as Lenin had stated, is capitalism at its’ highest stage, has overstretched itself, over the neo-liberal project of globalization. The triumphalism over the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist community in Eastern Europe manifested itself in these ambitious projects, which led to diverse aggressive wars against Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan and now Libya, while capitalists and bankers were busily constructing the structure of this present economic crisis. The failure of Capitalism, to consolidate upon the victory over socialism in 1989, paved the way for its own downfall

Now let us examine what our role as Communist parties should be, in this precise moment in time, when all that we have strived for, seems to be within our reach.
What is mostly necessary here is the need for unity within our movement. This goal must be our prime target.
If we take a good look at the Communist movement, in all the countries, especially those in Europe, we find two, or three separate Communist parties, in each respective country. Progress towards unity is being attained, as parties unite into one block during parliamentary election, but more still needs to be done. Let us remain separate but let us combine our struggles, this way we will be more effective.

We must also unite with the all progressive forces in order to defeat the capitalist system and its imperialistic mechanisations.
Capitalism was, and is still effective, because of the hegemony; it has on the population of the advanced western countries. In order to bring its fall once and for all we must combat to break this control. However this is not an easy task. As we all know that the ruling class have absolute control over the media, and whenever their control is threatened they use harsh methods to regain control. The manner, in which the bourgeoisie use the media today, is no more different then how Goebbels used it in NAZI Germany. Our task is to expose this. We must also show their duplicity, their lies, and their half-truths. We must find a very subtle manner, to accomplish our task.

This is where we have to be more clever then them, and use their tools against them, we must fight back using their own media structure. We have to do this because most of the time our media reaches only the progressives and that is just like preaching to the converted. We want to reach out to the whole of the working people in each and every country, especially those workers, who are misguided and believe the myth of western democracy. We must prove to them the fact that it is only the dictatorship of the capital and nothing else.

Today when austerity measures are being imposed and higher energy prices are being lambasted on the workers, our task has become easier.
In Greece the Communist Party (KKE) is mobilising the Greek workers against the austerity measures being imposed on them by a Social Democratic Administration.
A Similar situation has also arisen in Spain, while in Italy, and in Britain, the same is occurring under right wing administrations.

Workers are being made to bear the brunt of the capitalist crises, which was not of their own doing. Communist Parties everywhere must follow the example of KKE, with the help of progressive Trade Unions fight capitalism globally.
It is of Paramount importance today, that we must be effective.
In the 1930’s a similar situation gave rise to fascism which had to be subdued by a World War with great sacrifices, and great loss of lives.

Long Live Marxism Leninism

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