Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta on the right to divorce.

The Communist Party of Malta reiterates its position that the right to divorce should be introduced by the State, whatever the outcome of the referendum will be. This will do away, once and for all, with the discriminatory situation that exists in Malta, where those who can afford to, can obtain a divorce from another country.

The Party deplores the undemocratic maneuvers and the moral threats that the Ecclesiastical Authorities are using against the electorate. The campaign against divorce is resuscitating the bad memories of the 1960s, where those faithful that wanted the state to introduce civil marriage, were humiliated by the Church Authorities, threatened with ‘hellfire’, and denied from receiving the sacraments.

"The religious political struggle is once again with us, in an open attempt to stop a civil right from being introduced. The right to divorce exists in every other European Union country”.

“The Nationalist Party is at fault here as the party is not recognising that there should be a complete separation between the Church and the State. This clearly shows that the Nationalist Party needs to modernise itself”.

The Communist Party of Malta re asserts its sympathy with those who have a broken marriage and are seeking a solution to form another family.

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