Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Malta’s National Energy Plan should be socially just”, Communist Party of Malta.

The Communist Party of Malta states that the figures issued by NSO on energy consumption in Malta, is a signal to the Government to implement a national energy plan which is socially just.

“The National policy should safeguard the basic consumption of ‘household’ energy. The Party calls on the Government to encourage the private sector to invest more in renewable energy, so the industry will be more sustainable in the future without any state subsidies. By these measures the Government can assist more families in their basic energy needs. The families should not carry the burden of energy subsidies to the private sector.”

“Thirty-five percent of Malta’s energy consumption is being used in households. This gives a clear picture that this energy is still an essential commodity in the families’ daily life. This also shows that many families are already making great sacrifices to reduce energy consumption and this, in affect is reducing their quality of life. 98% of Maltese households are already making use of energy saving lamps, while 78% of Maltese households are switching off their water heaters when not needed.”

“With regards the use of gas, the Communist Party notes that 72% of Maltese households are making use of this basic commodity, which is essential in their daily life, therefore, we call upon the Government to re-introduce subsidies on gas cylinders for domestic use. Cylinders for domestic use should be distinguished from ones used commercially. This could be done by the use of different colours”.

The Communist Party of Malta criticises the government’s incentive scheme for the installation of photovoltaic panels. This system benefits only the well to do, while excluding many others without means. The Party believes that the Government should solely invest in renewable energy, by making use of government buildings and school roofs, for the benefit of all.

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