Friday, September 23, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude with regards the setting up of a Palestinian State

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the United States attitude against the setting up of a Palestinian State, while finding no difficulty in helping Libyan Rebels and recognizing their Transitional Council. US is doing everything to prevent the recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN General Assembly even by vetoing against the resolution. This action, once again, brings into the open, the double standards and imperialistic interests in the Palestinian Question.

“We condemn the French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is playing a 'dirty game', which serves only the interest of US imperialism, by preventing the vote on the Palestinian resolution from being taken”.

“Unless this resolution is not resolved, and if the State of Palestine will not be recognized, other issues dealing with the question of security, water, lack of food, medicine, and the Palestinian refugees issue will not be resolved”.

The Communist Party also condemns the state of Israel, for the hundreds of Palestinians that are held in Israeli prisons, amongst them many adolescents. The Israeli Government has up to now, illegally occupied, Palestinian territories.

“Malta started supporting the Palestinian Cause under the premiership of Dom Mintoff, back in the early 1970’s. This support was continued by Dr Guido Demarco both when he held the presidency of the UN General Assembly and later on when he held the post of Foreign Minister in Malta. We demand that the present administration follows in these steps.

The Communist Party calls on the Maltese Government and Dr Tonio Borg, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to vote for the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN General Assembly. The Communist Party also salutes Moviment Graffiti for their activism and their consistency in favour of the Palestinian Cause.

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