Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Communist Party’s Mayday Message.

On the occasion of Worker’s Day, celebrated internationally, the Communist Party of Malta is conveying this message.

“We recognise that presently the working class has lost much of its rights and is in a critical situation where it is difficult for workers to defend themselves against this right wing neo-liberal onslaught fostered by the Neo-Liberal policies being championed by the European Union”.

“The European Strategy 2020 and the “Euro Plus Pact” are intended solely to dismantle the present conditions of the workers, with the pretext of more competitiveness and stability of the Euro”.

“Workers are experiencing inferior conditions of work, in a massive competitive market, through the introduction of precarious employment with no job security, low wages and reduction in their conditions of work. Some workers are also being denied the right of association with a trade union and the right to collective bargaining.”

“We are also witnessing actions by the workers in various European countries, supported by Communist Parties, namely those from Greece, France, Spain and Portugal, who are demonstrating against the austerity policies imposed upon them by the ruling capitalist class in the European Union.”

“Workers in Malta should be aware of the regressive policies that are being legislated in the European Parliament to dismantle worker’s rights. The workers should take the example of other European countries where workers have taken to the streets and are present standard of living and their conditions of work”.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the working class to become once again a militant force and recognise who is their real class enemy. These enemies militate in political parties that defend the interest of the capitalist class, to the detriment of the workers and their families. This could be seen by the fact that these political parties in Malta are not very eager to address the problem of precarious employment and class struggle.

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