Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the Central Bank Governor’s neo liberal stance.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns without any reservation the comments made by the Governor of the Malta Central Bank about the economic situation in Malta, where he appealed for cuts in social spending, dismantling of the welfare state and also objected to the granting of the cost of living adjustment.

The Party notes that the Governor failed to propose real social economic solutions, and also failed to criticise the lack of enforcement in tax evasion. The Governor was more interested in pushing forward a neo liberal agenda on the same parameters of the European Union, to introduce cuts in social spending, that we classify as ‘working class rights’.

“The ‘means testing’ concept is a tool for the breaking down of the universality of social welfare, and also to deprive families in need from these rights, as is happening in the case of minimum wage earners and pensioners”.

“Once again, The Communist Party of Malta maintains its position against the introduction of private pension schemes. The State should not abdicate from this social responsibility, as the governor of the Bank is proposing. The same applies to the National Health Service which should not be subjected to any ‘means testing’ and should remain free.”

The Communist Party of Malta sees the Governor in the same light as other right wing politicians who, in order to reduce inflation, advocate the implementation of anti social measures against the working class, who are not to blame for the present capitalist economic crisis.

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