Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta appeals workers at Air Malta to contest the next coming general elections.

The Communist Party of Malta has once again expressed solidarity with Air Malta employees who are facing an uncertain future with regards their employment with the company. Bad planning and the easy access for low-cost airlines brought about difficulties for Air Malta to compete with low cost airlines. Low cost airlines are massively subsidised and the sector is not unionised.

“The Party appeals the workers at Air Malta, to organise themselves politically, and proceed to nominate a candidate/s, to contest independently the next coming general elections with the specific aim is to push forward their interest and to safeguard their jobs. The Communist Party will surely support this candidate”.

“The political parties in Malta do not really represent the interest of the working people. The restructuring process is nothing more but a neo liberal concept to privatise all national airlines across Europe in the coming future”.

We believe that all transport workers should ‘unite’ in solidarity amongst each other on industrial level and, also organise themselves on a political level”.

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