Friday, August 19, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta’s position on Safi events.

The recent events that took place at Hal Safi detention centre give a clear warning to the European Union and the Maltese Government to take a clear position on human rights issues. The European Union has to lead by example, if it wants others to follow.

The Communist Party of Malta criticizes the political stand being adopted by several European Governments with regards to the detention policy, when these same countries condemn other governments and regimes on human rights issues. The Party believes that this is nothing more than ‘hypocrisy’.

“Closed detention centres are nothing more than concentration camps. The European Union has to admit that detention policy goes against human rights. This policy is withholding freedom to those persons fleeing from poverty and war.”

On the Libyan issue, the European governments spoke with a sense of solidarity towards the Libyan people, but on the other hand they chose to exclude African nationalities from the whole process of evacuation of foreign people and workers from war torn Libya.

“The European Union should take a clear position on these issues, and not continue to ignore this reality. On the other hand we would like to show solidarity with the members of the armed forces of Malta, the police and other civilian workers who work in these field and have to face the problems that arise.

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