Friday, October 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta expresses its concern on the newly appointed U. S, Ambassador.

“The visit to Malta, by the US Secretary Hilary Clinton en route to Libya and the appointment of Gina Abercombie Winstanley as the new US Ambassador in Malta is of great concern, if the visit was really one of courtesy”, stated the Communist Party.

“The fact that Ms Gina Abercombie Winstanley, served as Deputy Coordinator for foreign policy and programs against terrorism, is of alarm. Indeed one wonders, what role Malta is playing in this regard and why there was the need to erect a new Embassy at Ta 'Qali?”.

“The approval to Malta by U.S. Government , the sum of $ 4.675million to built a capacity partnership between the two nations, with the premise that it serves to counter terrorism, is a direct violation of Malta’s Neutrality”.

The Communist Party of Malta argues that the American concept of ‘anti-terrorism’ is actually not one that confronts terrorism, but is just an excuse to achieve it’s imperialistic goals. Throughout history and even presently, U.S. policy has always embraced and helped to strengthen regimes, paramilitary governments, and as well terrorist groups, so to safeguard its interests, at the expense of all those innocent people killed.

The Communist Party of Malta therefore calls on the leftist and progressive groups to take a position against this imperialist strategy in Malta.

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