Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta commemorates Freedom Day.

The Communist Party of Malta commemorates the 31st Anniversary of Freedom Day when the Labour Party administration under the leadership of Dominic Mintoff succeeding in ridding Malta of Nato Military Bases on the 31st of March 1979. This led Malta on the path of becoming a Neutral State which was later enshrined in Malta’s Republican Constitution.

Various attempts were made to nullify Malta’s Neutrality under the excuse that the two super power system, today no longer exist. Recently we have seen attempts by the US Embassy in Malta to influence Malta’s legislative Assembly to remove the Neutrality clause in Malta’s Constitution.

“Malta joining NATO’s Partnership for peace is a ploy to nullify Malta’s Neutrality.”

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Labour Party Members of Parliament to continue to defend Malta’s Neutrality and not to succumb to pressure from Right wing schemes to turn the clock back to the days when Malta was affiliated politically with imperialism.

The Communist Party of Malta acknowledges that the Cyprus problem was the direct result of Nato loosing military bases in Malta. To ensure military bases in the Mediterranean Region imperialism caused a right wing coup which led to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, thus divided the island into two parts, but also led to the fall of the fascist military dictatorship in Greece.

The situation in Cyprus today has made great improvements and a solution to this problem seem to be near. All this is due to the present AKEL Communist Administration and to the fact that the present Islamic Administration in Turkey wants to be accepted as EU member.

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