Friday, September 10, 2010

The Communist Party of Malta’s position regards Gaddafi and the Immigration

The Communist Party of Malta notes that the immigration issue is not only a humanitarian problem but also an economic one. The problem is also connected directly to global climate change migration.

The fact that Libyan Leader Gaddafi highlighted the issue during his visit to Italy shows that the problem is not limited to Europe but also to several other countries, mainly in North Africa . Any solution proposed to this problem must not be used for ‘cheap’ political aims and should respect human rights. This appeal is directed towards the European Union, where the present actions by the French Government against the Rom people are to be condemned.

The Communist Party of Malta recognises that the North African countries are facing the same problems, among them Libya , Tunisia , Egypt andMorocco

The fact the European Union is resorting to “money” to solve part of the problem shows that there are no real solutions and no political will to show solidarity with the immigrants and the peoples of North Africa . The idea of a “Fortress Europe” seems to be the only agenda of the EU.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that emigration is a global phenomenon which cannot be ignored. UE countries must understand that the opening of frontiers is essential to solve part of the problem.

Such an opening will mean the creation of a multi-cultural society where tolerance and respect will reign supreme, particularly in the field of religion, traditions and even food consumption.

Libyan leader Gaddafi comments in Italy should be considered in the context of free speech, so dear to the Western ideas.

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