Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Communists condemn European Union's Neoliberal Strategy


The Communist Party of Malta notes that the European Parliament’s Transport committee has rubber stamp plans to further liberalize public transport in Europe. The main aim is to privatise the whole service in Europe.
“This approval has been condemned by the left forces in the European Parliament as a step in the wrong direction for workers, passengers, and democracy. The European Union remains fixed with the neoliberal dogma of selling public utilities for the profit by private speculators.
The Communist Party said that "in Malta, privatization of public utilities has led to higher prices, more social inequality and precarious conditions of employment. Arriva and the gas privatization strengthen the parties’ fundamental belief on this issue.”
“The Maltese Government should not succumb to the failed neoliberal dogma of ‘for sale’ and instead adopt a policy that favours public control of essential utilities.” 

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