Monday, February 3, 2014

Communists condemn foreign interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs

Neo-NAZI violence in Kiev

The Communist Party of Malta joins forces with other European Communists and Workers Parties in solidarity with the working people and the Communist Party of Ukraine who are under constant attack by extreme right wing forces. 
“Neo Nazis have taken over the opposition parties’ demonstration and turned them over into extreme acts of violence. The European Union and US are also to blame for all this due to their biased stance taken against the democratically elected Ukrainian government. It is also shameful that the EU Commissioner and US senators have participated in the demonstrations organised by the opposition.”
The Communist Party of Malta believes that the final decision should be taken by the people of Ukraine through a referendum and not by a violent mob in the streets of Kiev. EU is backing a section of the imperialist powers which are fighting each other over who will prevail in a relentless competition over the markets and energy sources. Maltese MEPs should support the Left in the European Parliament who are calling upon the European Union and its members to act as a mediator and push for both sides to come to a political solution.

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