Friday, April 27, 2012

Positive results obtained by the Left in France.

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the results obtained by the ‘Front de Gauche’ in last weekend presidential elections in France. The ‘Front de Gauche’ has double its vote to 11% from 2006 elections. This is another success following the winning of two seats in the Senate. 
The ‘Font de Gauche’ is composed of communists, socialist and left forces.

 “The results obtained show that the communist front is gaining support in Europe and has become a direct challenger to the so called mainstream parties that embrace a centrist policies with a tinge of neoliberalism”, continued the Party.

“The communists in Europe embrace a more realistic policy towards a socialist Europe, that strengthens public entities and services, re-nationalisation of banks, postal and other
essential services, such as the energy sector”, said the Party.

“With regards to jobs, the communist  movement believes that the worker should not accept to remain slave of the capitalist system. The transformation of the working class in the labour market should change for one with a secure job and decent pay. The emphasis should also be towards the creation of more co-operatives”, concluded the Party.

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