Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pope's Visit to Cuba

On the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI visits to Cuba , the Communist Party of Malta would like to suggest to the Maltese public to take note of what the progressive and leading figure of the Theology of liberation, Frei Betto has expressed about the said visit.

Frei Betto expressed his satisfaction about the Pope’s visit to Cuba , and stated, that this visit was a gift from god. He continued to say, that this visit, would make “the enemies” of the Cuban Government feel very uncomfortable.

Frei Betto also commented on the social aspects in Cuba “No matter what its enemies may say, in Cuba there are no children on the streets abandoned to their fate, and no families living under bridges.”

“The words expressed by Frei Betto are a clear example of the way social justice and equality is solidified in Cuba ”.

The Communist Party expresses its solidarity with all the people in the Latin American region who are still struggling against neo liberalism, multinational greed and destruction of the environment, and hope that the progressive wave emerging in this continent continues to grow.

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