Friday, March 30, 2012

Communist Party of Malta salutes ‘Freedom Day’

The Communist Party of Malta deplores the servile attitude that the current Administration shows towards the achievement of Freedom Day. The visits by foreign naval warships and the support for imperialistic policies are making a mockery of this day.

The Party cannot forget the struggle of the working class, to liberate Malta from British and NATO military bases. In fact, the 31st of March, should be the day that enlightens the political class to pursue a policy of peace and anti-imperialism”.

“The support shown by Dr Fenech Adami’s Administration towards U.S. war in Iraq , opens wide the contradictions that exists in Malta ’s foreign policy and the clause of Neutrality in the Maltese constitution”.

The Communist Party stresses that “the problem lies in the government’s policy and not in Malta ’s constitution neutrality clause. Neutrality should be the basis for a clear policy that keeps Malta from being used by foreign military forces against other countries”.

“Imperialist interests to acquire possession of the natural resources of other countries, is a continuing threat and Malta should not support this type of policy. The U.S. support for the coup in Honduras and recently in Mali , the war in Iraq and Libya are a clear example of this type of policy”.

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