Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Communist Party blames the Government for inefficient Health Service at Mater Dei

“It’s a fact that the number of people making use of the Emergency
department in Mater Dei Hospital is on the increase and that this is
causing problems” said the Communist Party but, “the way the
Government is addressing this issue is of concern”.

“The reality is that services in the community are deteriorating and
the dentistry service is one of them. This service, now is only
available at Mater Dei Hospital, with a long waiting list attached to
it”, said the Communist Party. “People are not being offered any
choice but to seek care in the private sector and this should be
addressed by the Government if he believes in Universal Health care.”

“The opening hours of Health Centres around Malta has diminished
during this last decade, except to the ones in Floriana, Mosta and
Paola, although after 5pm these branches offer only treatment in
emergency cases.”

“If this for the Government means a good quality service, than the
general public is right in their belief of not trusting anymore this
Government. The Government should explain to the public why access to
the health clinics is being restricted by limiting opening hours. This
present policy is ensuring that more people are seeking the emergency
service of Mater Dei”.

“Government’s new policy regarding Mater Dei will now mean that some
people will find it difficult to seek public health care. Their only
option will be to go private if they can afford it”, concluded the
Communist Party.

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