Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Government’s duty is to protect the working people.

"The Government must confront the abuse to which workers who work with
private agencies under government contracts are exposed to," said the
Communist Party of Malta.

"The conditions under which many of these workers are employed are
shameful. The major problems facing these workers range from long
working hours with less pay than the national minimum wage, no right
to sick leave, leave and bonuses, as well as the vast majority are
employed under work contracts that make it easier for employers to
terminate their employment", continued the party.

"The fact that an employee who works under a contract of employment,
or temporary agency work or on a part-time basis finds it difficult to
borrow from banks is a clear indication of what precariousness means.
Banks lend against securities, an so the worker must have secure and
regular employment," said the Party.

"The flexibility within the labour market is only a tool for
exploitation, and every neo-liberal dogma which states that employment
security is a thing of the “past” must be confronted. That “past” is
only the slavery that existed long ago", stressed the Party.

The Communist Party urges workers who are employed under precarious
conditions to join a trade union and to merge with the Socialist
family, together in solidarity, to stop this capitalist neo-liberal
assault against the worker’s rights and which is leading to a lowering
in the standard of living of the working class.

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