Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dom Mintoff

The Communist Party of Malta Salutes Dominic Mintoff who had passed away on Monday. He had served as Prime Minister of Malta in several legislatures, and also as leader of the Labour Party between 1948 and 1984.

Dominic Mintoff, will always be remembered:,

For the fight for freedom, from British colonialism. This culminated, with the closure, of NATO military bases on Malta.

For social reforms where poverty was completely eradicated, and gave the start for a welfare state system, that led to the Pensions for elderly persons, and widows. Stipends for university students, and Allowance for Children

As well, as the struggle for the freedom of conscience. This had completely changed Malta. Bringing it out of the medieval dark ages, into the twentieth century
In this difficult moment we send the Party’s condolences, to his immediate family, to all his friends, and to the Labour Party as Dominic Mintoff for a long time was its leader. We would also like to express the fact that this is also a loss of all Malta

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