Friday, July 20, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the renewal of Maltco License.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the position taken by the present administration to renew the contract of Maltco Lotteries on the eve of a general election. The decision to extend this contract should have been left for the new administration.   

“Public lotto should have never been privatised. Today the majority of the profits are going in the hands of a foreign private company. When it was state run, the profits went directly to the government who in return used them to subsidise social services. In real terms this was a social concept”, said the Communist Party.

“The recent reform in lotto prices and the winnings show that the company is after maximum profits. The ‘good causes’ fund is only an excuse for the government to hide behind it, and is using this fund to alienate civil society. We appeal to civil society to have a social conscience and not participate in such schemes” stated the Communist Party of Malta.    

“Parliament should follow the example of Cyprus where there the Government is against the policy of privatisation of public lottery. The Cypriot government believes that a growing gambling culture is harmful to society”, concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

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