Friday, July 6, 2012

The Communist Party calls for humane policy on migration

“What is actually happening in the European countries is a continuous argument about, on whose shoulder falls, the responsibility to assist these persons. The closing down of borders and the lack of a clear evacuation policy for African immigrants caught in the war in Libya, reveals a policy that looks down on these persons, as inferior people. The Detention policy re-enforces the false ideas in the minds of the peoples, that the immigrants are also a danger to society”.

“A similar situation exists in the United States, where the emigration exodus of Mexican immigrants, is leading to the detention of these persons, while many others, end up murdered while they are crossing the border, others especially women end up in prostitution”
The Communist Party of Malta beliefs, that there will be no real solution for immigration, unless the EU does not adopt a policy that is based on social justice and solidarity.

"Those that sustain the capitalist system have always supported policies of the extreme right, to divide the working class, as it is easy to turn one people against another. Working class unity and people’s unity are a threat to the capitalist system. This has happened recently in Greece and as it is happening elsewhere in Europe and in the world",

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