Friday, February 3, 2012

The Communist Party insists that Government withdraws from ACTA

“The Maltese Government has again showed its true colours as a
champion of the rich and the capitalist system to the detriment of the
rest of the population”, said the Communist Party of Malta in a
statement commenting on the ACTA treaty.

The Communist Party said that, “the government decided to take a
position in favour of the ACTA which punishes the weak to the benefit
of the rich and mighty”.

“On the other hand, the Maltese Government took a position against a
just tax, the Financial Transaction Tax, proposed by the European
Commission and accepted by many European governments. This position
re-affirms government’s right wing ideology”.

The Party said that “the ACTA treaty will increase the chasm between
the haves and the have-nots on a global scale. Amongst the most hit
will be the poorer countries that will be denied access to generic
medicines, and will have to use expansive branded medicines. The same
situation will result in the media, information and entertainment

“One must point out, that the multinationals who are the driving
force behind this Treaty, produce their goods in sweat shops in poor
countries, fix their label and sell the resulting product at a high
price, and consequently earning extreme high profits”.

“We are also concerned that the ACTA treaty will empower governments
to extradite citizens to face legal proceedings in other countries.
The Party insists that, “the Maltese Government reviews its position
and withdraws from this Treaty”.

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