Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Communist Party praises Palestinian’s stand on Ban Ki Moon visit.

The Communist Party of Malta praises the opposition shown by hundreds of Palestinians against the visit by the UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to Gaza.

“The Palestinians can no longer afford to listen to empty promises while they suffer hunger, torture and death. Around 5,000 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons without being charged and convicted of any crime”.

“The Communist Party maintains that it is not fair that the Palestinian people are not being given the same rights and recognition by the United Nations, while the Israeli state who is denying the rights of the Palestinian people and illegally occupying land, is accorded full member status in the UN".

"It's ironic how UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon advocates a peaceful settlement for the Palestinian question, when a Palestinian state has not been recognized by the Security Council of the United Nations", the Party stated.

“The Party applauds the initiative that is being taken by various progressive groups and leftist movements, which also include Communist parties, in their solidarity work in Gaza, by delivering medicines, food and other types of things needed by the Palestinian population”.

The Party notes with great satisfaction the agreement between the two major forces of the Palestinian people, Fatah and Hamas, to hold common democratic general elections.

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