Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Communist Party of Malta shows solidarity with the people of Syria and Bahrain

The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned with the killing of civilians in Syria and Bahrain. The ‘bloody’ conflict in Syria between the Army and the rebel factions will lead to another human disaster, like what has happened in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, where thousands of innocent people were slaughtered.

"The wars in Libya and Iraq led only to imperialism gaining control of oil and other natural resources. Peoples’ life today no longer is given importance by those same countries that urged for a military intervention in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan". While these events are unfolding, the people are also being massacred in Bahrain.

The Party believes that the UN Security Council is a tool in the hands of powerful countries. “We agree with the progressive and peace movements that are in favour for the dismantlement of the Security Council, and for the strengthening of the General Assembly, with one vote for each country, and doing away with Veto".

The Communist Party of Malta supports the position taken by the United Left Bloc in the European Parliament, where the bloc operates in close proximity with progressive and leftist forces in Syria to jointly work towards finding a peaceful solution to this conflict. United Left is also against any foreign or imperialist military intervention, as this will not solve anything, except sowing more hatred and bloodshed.

The Party recognizes the fact that today U.S. imperialism is using Islamic fundamentalist forces to resist the progressive wave that is finding fertile grounds in the Arabic countries. The imperialist forces are concerned that what happened in Latin America with the emergence in power of progressive forces, will also happen in the Arabic world.

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