Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Communist Party supports progressive forces in Brazil .

The Communist Party of Malta expressed its solidarity with the Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) whose militancy in the street is infuriating the fascists and the ultra nationalists sectors of the Brazilian right wing opposition. Right wing violence is being used against leftist groupings.
“The justified and peaceful demonstrations for more investment in public health and education and against the rice in the price of bus fares were hijacked by the right wing opposition parties and movements who have the backing of the US, with the aim to destabilise the democratically elected government of Dilma Rousseuf, with the intention to return political power to the oligarchy”.
“ Brazil has a history of fascist military dictatorships that oppressed the working classes and subjected the common people to the hardships of poverty and brutality. It is a well known fact that under the present leftist coalition government many people were elevated from poverty through various social programmes, although there are still problems that have to be addressed”.

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