Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Communist Party of Malta deplores any policy that denies the right of asylum.

The party continues by stating that "it would make more sense if the government applies his right of veto with the aim to bring the European Union closer to a Union of solidarity and social justice towards emigration. Up to now the only policy adopted by the EU was that of creating a ‘Fortress Europe".
“In the recent civil war in Libya, the only persons who were not evacuated were African immigrants, which were being massacred by the Libyan rebels. European governments made sure that their nationals were safely evacuated while ignoring the plight of African immigrants who happened to be in Libya. No International, European or Maltese institution appealed or worked for the evacuation of these immigrants".
"The Party points out that the treaty between the European Union and the Libyan Transitional Government on the closure of Libyan borders is another system of push back. This treaty resulted in more violations of international laws with regards to asylum seekers. This same system is also used by the U.S. against Mexican immigrants ".

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