Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Communists condemn the massacres committed in Ukraine.

The Communist Party of Malta expresses solidarity with the families who suffered loses in the recent attacks committed by the unelected Pro-NAZI regime in Kiev. The European Union and the Obama Administration are backing this regime made up of extreme right wing forces that also includes in it NAZI elements.

The Party said that “in Mariupol, Eastern part of Ukraine over 100 people were shot dead by the pro-regime forces for celebrating the 9th of May “Victory Day over Fascism”. This massacre was committed by the newly formed Death Squad ‘Dnepr’ using 14 anti personnel cars and tanks”.

“In Odessa, the TradeUnion building was burned down by these thugs were 49 people lost there lives. The pro-regime supporters were shooting at persons who attempted to leave the building. The Communist Party Headquareters in Kiev was also attacked and completely destroyed”.

The Communist Party of Malta condemns the lack of solidarity that is being shown by the Maltese political class towards the people of Ukraine, especially Russian speaking Ukrainains, that are being under constant attack by the illegitimate Government.

The Communist Party of Malta also expresses solidarity with its fraternal Communist Party of Ukraine who are being persecuted and forced to go underground.   

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