Thursday, May 1, 2014

Worker’s Day: “Appeal for legislation against precariousness”

“On 1st of May “International Worker’s Day”, the government should enshrine this day, by introducing serious legislation, against precarious employment. Without this legislation, workers in Malta, will still have to face precarious situations,” states The Communist Party of Malta.
“An increase in the national minimum wage should form part of government’s agenda. This will alleviate the standard of living of those workers in the lower strata of society, and also incentivise more workers to seek employment”.
The Communist Party of Malta supports the government’s policy with regards workers, who are employed with ARMS on a definite contract to have their employment reverted to one, on an indefinite contract basis. This will guarantee more secure job and a better standard of living for these workers. The Government should also apply this progressive and socially just procedure to other sectors of the public service.
“The Government should also protect workers who are employed by companies which render their services to the government, such as the cleaning, security, hospital and care sector. These workers also face precarious conditions. Temporary agency work should be legally abolished; instead better work with decent and secure job should be enforced by the new legislation.”
The Communist Party of Malta concludes this message by stating that the solution for a more competitive and productive economy should not be based on the deregulation of the labour market and precarious employment, but rather on, an economy that is more socially equitable, which should ensure decent conditions of employment.

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