Tuesday, May 13, 2014

“National Employment Policy needs a more progressive vision”

“The National Employment Policy announced by the Government is again a policy based on a neoliberal strategy. The fact that Malta is still lacking in a clear legislation against precarious employment, this policy will not help generate jobs with decent conditions of work. The Government should ensure that the jobs created are not precarious”. 

“Government’s proposal to top up the minimum wage is positive in principal but will not lead to social justice. The fact that it is not included as part and parcel of the national minimum wage income, in itself does not guarantee the continuation of this measure in the future. The Communist Party insists that any increase in the national minimum wage income should be guaranteed under the Maltese law”. 

“Welfare benefits should be strengthened and not the other way round. On the other hand, the Party agrees with a national policy to curb social benefits abuses. The methods applied to curb these abuses should not be rigid and should treat each case on its own merits”. 

“The proposal to state fund an extension in the maternity leave, with an increase by the employers towards the national security contributions is viewed by the Party as progressive”.

“With regards employability, Government should not apply the same procedures practiced by the previous administration, whereby unemployed persons were given work with the local councils for a 30hour week and paid less than the minimum wage. This policy helped only in the creation of working poor. The Government should set an example by avoiding employing persons with precarious conditions”.  

The Communist Party of Malta concludes by stating that “the national employment policy should include the formation of worker’s cooperative. The Party reiterates the need for legislation against precariousness”. 

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