Saturday, October 4, 2014

Budget 2015 should Address Social inequality and Precariousness.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the Government to address inequality and precariousness in the forthcoming Budget 2015. National statistics of 2013 show, that social inequality is on the increase.
“To address inequality, the Government should introduce new measures that strengthen the Cost-of-living Adjustment so as to be more realistic. Increase the national minimum income, based on the Caritas report, and also increase the minimum pensionable income. Government should also aim to strengthen the Malta welfare state system, and moves away from the right wing concept of a welfare society.”
“The Government should introduce legislation against precarious jobs. A law that clearly defines the term precarious employment, based on the fact that jobs on a temporary contract, agency workers, and ‘self-employment’ should all be classified as precarious jobs, as these kind of employment does not offer a regular employment; impedes access to home loan services; offer low wages and inferior conditions of work and obstruct unionization and collective bargaining. The ILO definition of precarious jobs is also clear in this regard”.            
“With regards to the prices of essential commodities and services, the Government should aim to offer more social protection to the consumer. Public services should not be privatized and government’s subsidies should be strengthened to safeguard affordability”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.

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