Sunday, November 30, 2014

"No Increase in Minimum wage" - Communist Party of Malta.


The Communist Party of Malta deems the Budget as one that, Although there are positive measures: such as a one-off grant of € 1,000 per child for minimum wage earners, incentives for People with Disabilities, tax cut for first time property buyers, better paid maternity leave, grant to elderly people, and Measures to eradicate precarious jobs, still the minimum wage income  was not Increased .
" The Party also feels That the Measures To further reduce the income tax rate to 25% for the well-off as anti-social. The Government Should Have distributed reduction amongst the workers who earn less than € 20,000-through the raising-up the level of the income tax ceiling ".

The Communist Party concluded by saying "that although the 35 Euro bonus was a step in the right direction, feels that this was not enough. The majority of the working class will still carry the burden for the well-off.

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