Sunday, July 13, 2014

Appeal for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

Dr George Vella Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Communist Party of Malta and the Ngo Garden of Knowledge had initiated an online petition to appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Dr George Vella, and the Ukrainian Consul in Malta, Mr John Debono to work for a diplomatic and peaceful solution in Ukraine.

“The war declaration against the people of east Ukraine by the new president, Petro Poroshenko should be condemned, as it constitutes a direct breach of International Law. The people in the Ukraine should not suffer the consequences of foreign political interference and neither the senseless bombing by the Kiev government”.

The two organizations said that “there should be no discrimination what so ever on Russian speaking Ukrainians. The Ukraine Government should ensure strict respect for democratic rights and freedoms, the protection of minorities, and the freedom of assembly. We express our deepest solidarity with the people of Ukraine”.

The two organisations appealed to the public to join this petition to call for a diplomatic and peaceful solution.

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