Friday, July 25, 2014

Communists condemn privatisation of energy production

"The approval in Parliament of the Energy Bill, to give the Government the legal right to privatise energy production and distribution is of major concern. Strategically, the Government is giving away all of Malta's sovereignty in energy production", stated the Communist Party of Malta.
"Similar policies were applied by the previous administration. These policies resulted in the state losing control of essential public services; increase in prices; new employment contracts on precarious conditions, and running of these services in private monopolies. Public services should remain under state control". 
"Contrary to all this, the Party supports Government's initiative to sign an agreement with China to produce in Malta renewable energy mechanism and sources".
The Communist Party of Malta appeals to the General Workers Union to be careful not to allow the new management taking ownership of Malta's energy production and distribution to engage new workers on precarious job conditions, as it had happened in the postal service, telecommunication, security and the environmental sector".

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