Monday, June 4, 2012

Monti -II Regulation undermines the right to strike in Europe

The Communist Party of Malta supportother European Communist and Workers Parties in their call to reject completely the so-called Monti-II Regulation. “The right to strike must be guaranteed without any limitations across Europe ”, stated the Communist Party of Malta.
“The aim of Monti-II Regulation is to dismantle this right, were courts from EU member states can be called upon to assess whether a strike would “restrict too much the economic freedom”, continued the Party.

“In fact, by this regulation, strikes action against wage and social dumping across the EU will be made more difficult, or to out rightly prohibit them”, said the Communist Party.
The Communist Party of Malta believes that the right to strike must not be under the control of the capitalist market. It is a right that belongs only to the workers and their trade unions, and only they should have the right to decide on strikes.

The Communist Party appeals upon the Government and Maltese MEPs to give their support to workers across Europe and oppose the proposed Monti-II Regulation.

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