Thursday, June 14, 2012

Government’s figures on employment reveal big problems.

The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned by the employment figures revealed in Parliament recently, these show that 36.6% (equivalent of 8,775) of the 20,000 jobs created over the past four years, were part-time jobs. These statements indicate that capitalism in the first world is failing in creating good quality jobs for the workers to sustain a decent standard of living.

“This figures confirm that precarious class is also on the rise in Malta”, stated the Communist Party. “In fact national statistics show that many of the jobs created over the last 2 years were mostly on a part-time basis. This situation is also similar across all Europe”.

“The rise in precarious employment, arise from the fact that capitalists want to maximise their profits by shifting investments to the emerging developing countries, where the price of labour is relatively cheap. The present economic system can’t sustain itself to create good quality jobs in the first world”, said the Communist Party.

“The dismantling of COLA and the welfare state, the reduction in regular employment, low wages, the increase in retiring age, reduction in collective bargaining are all symptoms of this neo liberal agenda.”   

The Communist Party of Malta views the present economic situation as problematic. The neo-liberal system has failed and will not find any solutions for enhancing the people standard of living.  “An alternative solution to neo liberalism must be found before the total collapse”, concluded the Communist Party.

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