Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta does not agree with a Referendum on Civil Right’s Issues.

The Communist Party of Malta does not comply with the position being taken by the Maltese political class and the Yes-Movement to accept that the issue of divorce be settled by a referendum.

“The proposal for a referendum on this sensitive issue dealing with divorce which is a civil right, is condemnable, as it gives right to the majority to impose their believes on minorities.

The campaign to legislate for a referendum is undermining the real concept of ​​the state, to protect all minorities in society. Minorities should all be treated equally as others”.

“To shift, the introduction of such a civil right, in the electorate hands, is nothing more than the abdication of the State to legislate for minority rights. The political class should not shy away from such issues because of the fear of losing votes. This is only a betrayal by the political class against minorities”.

“It is regrettable that people with opposing interests and others without interest are being given the chance to cast their vote to block such civil right. The Communist Party has misgivings about what will happen in the case of other civil rights issues, such as LGBT rights. Are we going to give these decisions to the electorate?”.

The Communist Party of Malta believes that with a referendum on this issue we have given the power to conservative and reactionary forces, including Church institutions to exert their ideological influences on the Maltese political class and the electorate. We are repeating history. We have put the clock back to 1962.

The Communist Party of Malta is against the referendum and will not be an accomplice to deny the right to divorce.

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