Monday, March 21, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta endorses the Maltese Government’s decision to uphold Malta ’s neutrality.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the decision taken by the Maltese Government for Malta to remain neutral, and not used as a military base, in the Libyan crises. The same view was expressed recently when a majority of the persons interviewed through an opinion poll, conducted by a local newspaper ‘Maltatoday’, favoured Malta’s Neutrality.

The Government should always stand with Malta ’s policy of neutrality and disassociate itself from any military blocks, be it NATO or any other block. With regret, we can say that Malta has been involved directly in other nation’s wars, such as the war in Iraq . This war was opposed by the anti-war movement and the United Nations.

“Whilst it is very important that Malta offers humanitarian aid and hospitality means, we should not allow our national airport to be used for military purposes. That would be a grave mistake and a betrayal to Malta ’s Constitution.”

The Communist Party of Malta supports the call made by various foreign leaders, including the call made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to end this conflict diplomatically. Throughout history, US imperialism only accepted armed revolutionary struggle for change when it was in their interest, like the coup d’état in Honduras a few months ago, while up to this day it still does not recognize the Cuban revolution.

We strongly appeal the international community to allow the Libyan to decide for themselves, what their future will be.

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