Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the European Strategy 2020

The Communist Party of Malta opposes the European Strategy 2020, whose aim is for further liberalization of the European internal market. If adopted, this strategy will lead to further deregulation of the labor market and the dismantlement of more public services, such as the postal service.

"The austerity measures and the dismantling of the working conditions are an integral part of this strategy. It’s shameful that this liberal approach is finding support from various political groups in the European Parliament. "

The Communist Party of Malta notes, that this strategy, if implemented will continue to put burden on the working class and will increase poverty in Europe . Political groups that are in favour of this approach are supporting a more flexible labor market, which means more precariousness and fewer rights for the workers and changing the present pension system into a private, profit motivated, one.

The Communist Party of Malta appeals other political parties to oppose this strategy and support the European Trade Union Council and other social and left movements who are objecting to this agenda by stating that employment development in Europe is becoming more fragile. They are calling for a European ‘fair’ labour market’, where stable and protected work contracts, good wages with ‘equal pay for equal work’ and robust unemployment benefits will make sure that economic progress will be widely shared and is not reserved to the privileged.

The Communist Party of Malta notes that a Social Europe cannot be achieved by cuts in social spending, free trade of services, privatization, deregulation of the labour market and more neo liberal economic policies.

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