Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Communist Party of Malta supports the Arab people revolutions against neo-liberalism.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the ongoing revolutions in the North African, Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries. The party believes that these revolutions are all against the Capitalist neo-liberal economic policies. It is clear that the wave of protests in nearly every country is being lead by the working class who are demanding for the total dismantling of the existing economic system, and the downfall of pro-imperialist regimes.

The Communist Party of Malta supports the people’s revolutions, and pays tribute to all martyrs who fell in this struggle. The Party condemns without reservations the ongoing violence in Libya, where the present situation has degenerated and may lead to a civil war.

We note that the situation in Libya is the same as in other countries in the terms of the capitalist crisis, high prices and unemployment, but with the difference that the revolution had its beginnings as tribal unrest. The Communist Party of Malta is highly concerned that the end result will not be in favour of the Libyan people, especially when there is the threat of foreign intervention by NATO, so the West would gain control over the country's natural resources.

“The future of Libya should only be decided by the Libyan people and, not by any foreign intervention”.

The Communist Party of Malta understands that the real alternative for these people, who are revolting against the system in their respective country, can only be achieved by socialism.

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