Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Leftist victory in Latin America .

The Communist Party of Malta welcomes the re-election of the leftist President Rafael Correa in Ecuador . President Correa through his social reforms, his moving away from neo-liberal policies and the strengthening of the welfare state succeeded in lifting tens of thousands of Ecuadoreans out of the poverty.
“President Correa managed to obtain 56.9% of the votes cast, while his rival Capitalist Banker Guillermo Lasso managed to obtain only 23.8%. Correa has made significant advances from the previous election in 2009 where he had managed to obtain 51.7% of the votes. The population of Ecuador amounts to 14.6million inhabitants.”
“The wealth generated by the Ecuadorian economy, instead of going in the hands of the oligarchy, was used for the benefit of the people to make public education and health care more accessible,” stated the Party.
“This electoral victory by Rafael Correa was dedicated to his mentor Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The Communist Party of Ecuador and other communist and leftist parties around the world praised the re-election of President Correa,” concluded the Communist Party of Malta.

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