Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Malta’s position backs reactionary regimes

The Communist Party of Malta looks upon the government’s decision to recognize the Syrian Opposition National Coalition, the sole legal representatives of the Syrian people, as a rash decision. This is in line with imperialist policies.

“The government should have followed the Canadian President and recognize those secular forces, such as the ‘National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change’ whom truly belief in peace, equality, and democratization of society”, said the Party.

“The Syrian National Council is mainly made up of fundamentalists and foreign forces which many Syrians see them as a threat to the ethnic and religious populations that live in Syria. In fact the main countries that are backing these forces are those reactionary regimes who are staunch supporters of US imperialist policies in the region, such as Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.”

The communist movement and parties continues to support all those who believe in a secular state where all religions have a place in society. Till date the only alternative is a fundamentalist Islamic regime.

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